Is Rosacea Genetic?

What a loaded question! Is my rosacea because of something in my genes? Many rosacea sufferers, maybe even a majority of sufferers will know a family member who also has rosacea symptoms.

Is this the holy grail of rosacea research? Well it seems that the quest to find the cause of rosacea to date has meandered many paths that haven’t really arrived anyway substantial.

Certainly being able to find a genetic link to rosacea symptoms will be a powerful diagnostic tool. Imagine being able to be positively diagnosed with rosacea based on a clinical test!

The benefits of a genetic link, should one be found (and that is still an open question) continue with access to possibly new treatments and new ideas from related conditions.

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Genetic link to Rosacea Cause Gets Closer

In the quest to describe and therefore being able to control rosacea, the list of possible causes has been long and diverse. Think yourself of all of the possible causes that you yourself have encountered, for eg; demodex mites, excessive sun, alcohol, helicobacter pylori, SIBO, cathelicidin. Only recently have researchers been able to make progress […]

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A quick news bite about some new links found for a genetic root for psoriasis and lupus. I like that the reporter doesn’t try to dress up this announcement as anything other than a small advance in our knowledge of these 2 diseases. The research into a provable genetic link for rosacea symptoms is still […]

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Thanks to Dan for pointing out (after seeing the recent rosacea news article a genetic marker for rosacea ?) that glutathione S-transferase (GST) gene polymorphism has also been linked to other inflammatory diseases such as multiple sclerosis, alzheimers, colorectal cancer and even male infertility. As you can see from this snapshot of published studies there […]

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A Genetic Marker for Rosacea ?

Looks like a promising start in finding a genetic marker for susceptibility to develop rosacea. I have asked the author for a simple summary of their findings and what is might mean for the diagnosis and management of rosacea. Before we get too excited it is worth noting that this is a short article and […]

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