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Say goodbye to Generic Oracea

A recent ruling from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has put the final nail in coffin of the hopes for the availability of Generic Oracea. Rosacea sufferers will need to wait until that late 2020’s until the current patents protecting Oracea expire. Concerted efforts from Amneal Pharmaceuticals and Mylan Inc. have both failed to […]

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Generic Metrogel Pump 1% from Sandoz

Despite suggestions that Generic Metrogel is easily available in the US, there are scant reports online from users getting access to cheaper Metronidazole 1% treatments. In July this year Sandoz announced that they were selling a generic version of Metrogel 1%. The generic versions of metronidazole gel were previously restricted to 0.75% as the patent […]

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Lupin Pharmaceuticals also files ANDA for Generic Oracea

The battle to make generic Oracea available to the public is heating up. Recently filed documents in Delaware show that Lupin Pharmaceuticals, which are based in India have filed for an abbreviated new drug application to manufacture and distribute a generic form of Oracea. Lupin Pharmaceuticals, based in Mumbai India,  is a company specialising in […]

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