Galderma is certainly the heavyweight for rosacea treatments and skincare. Rosacea sufferers will be familiar with Metrogel 1% and Oracea as well as their Cetaphil skincare range. More recently Galderma has gained approval for Mirvaso and also has CD5024/Ivermectin in development.

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Sansrosa looks to be marketed as Mirvaso

Thanks to a post from Barbara, we have learnt that a member of a German support forum for rosacea, that Galderma may be planning to market Sansrosa as Mirvaso. It is pretty brief but here is what we know so far. Re: New form of therapy! by Mary »Wednesday 27 July 2013, 08:56 Hello, I […]

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Sansrosa and Afrin Updates from Dr. Fowler & Dr. Webster

Skin and Allergy News is running an article dated this week based on some informal comments from Dr. Joseph F. Fowler Jr. and Dr. Guy W. Webster given recently at the Hawaii Dermatology Seminar sponsored by the Global Academy for Medical Education/Skin Disease Education Foundation (SDEF). These comments relate to two of the hottest topics […]

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The NRS has posted a video on their weblog from the AAD Meeting held March 1-5 in Miami, Florida. In the video Sam Huff, the Executive Director of the National Rosacea Society thanks several doctors by name. These doctors should be somewhat known to rosacea sufferers who follow Rosacea News. See below for the names […]

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Oracea launches as Apprilon in Canada

A press release today from Galderma confirms that they will be marketing the product known in the US as Oracea under the name Apprilon in Canada. All of the same precautions and prescription details for Apprilon are the same as for Oracea, i.e. it is the exact same modified-release capsule, 40 mg doxycycline. First of […]

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Galderma Patents a Diagnostic Test for Rosacea

A patent application has surfaced that shows Galderma claiming an invention that is a diagnostic test for rosacea. A patent application does not guarantee that any particular invention or discovery is valid, just that a company wants to claim the rights to the intellectual property it contains. Indeed some patents will be filed purely to […]

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