Flushing & Blushing

Flushing that is related to rosacea can be one of the hardest symptoms to treat. Treatments worth investigating include IPL, beta blockers, Botox and even Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

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Novoxel’s Tixel breaks the skin, botox breaks the flushing

Here is a new (ok novel if you have to use that term) treatment for the most difficult to treat redness and flushing of rosacea. Researchers used a thermomechanical device to break holes into the surface of the skin, and topical botox to treat the most severe redness and flusing of rosacea. How does it work […]

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Rosacea means drier, redder and sweaty skin

This paper is full of technical terms, but contains some simply stated outcome for rosacea suffers. Researchers can see that rosacea sufferers have more water loss from the surface of their skin (i.e. their skin gets drier and potentially more irritated) , greater dilation of blood vessels and more rapid sweating than the general population. […]

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Rosacea is linked to migraines in women

A just published paper has found a statistical link between rosacea and migraines. Specifically, the research has found that female rosacea sufferers over the age of 50 had a `significantly higher prevalence and risk of incident migraine’. So what might we learn about treating both rosacea and migraines from this research? The takeaways from this […]

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More reports on Botox for redness and flushing

A 2015 paper details 2 patients with severe flushing and redness being treated with injections of Botox. The first patient had suffered 2 years of flushing and erythema triggered by heat, sun exposure, stress, spicy food and cosmetics. The second patient had suffered from 3 years of redness and flushing. Both had tried a series of […]

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Topical Nurofen Gel (Ibuprofen) for facial flushing

Some interesting recently published research suggests that a topical ibuprofen gel, such as found in Nurofen Gel, is capable of limiting a facial flush. Research undertaken by Professor Peter Drummond has recorded preliminary results that show that applying ibuprofen gel stopped the increase in blood flow to the face that results from exercise or embarrassment. […]

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