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What is Neurogenic Rosacea?

A recent paper in Archives of Dermatology proposed a new rosacea subtype that is to be called Neurogenic Rosacea. Before we tackle the question of What is neurogenic rosacea?, and How do I know if I have it?, lets step back and look at why a new subtype might be helpful. Treating by Subtype Why […]

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The One Thing I Wish I Was Told About Treating Rosacea

Do you have something that you just wish you were told when you were first diagnosed with rosacea? What little pearl of wisdom would have made the biggest difference to know straight up? Often when someone is diagnosed with rosacea, their first trip to the internet is a scary one. Those pictures of the worst […]

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Treating Each Rosacea Symptom

This paper is Part 2 in the series of Standard Management Options for Rosacea. Part 1 was devoted to the Overview and Broad Spectrum of Care. Now, Part 2 will expand to discuss management options according to the rosacea subtype. Some History Lets do some quick revision. In 2002, the National Rosacea Society Expert Committee […]

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Favourite Over The Counter and Home Treatments

Do you have a favourite over the counter treatment or home remedy for your rosacea ? Depending on health insurance and access to doctors and pharmacies, prescription treatments are out of the reach of many rosacea sufferers. So what can you try as a rosacea treatment that is easy to find at a drugstore, is […]

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Pyratine XR User Reviews

Showing just how important the internet is becoming for marketing new cosmetics, Pyratine XR has recently launched with a lot of press activity. As well as Senetek’s press releases on the internet I was also contacted by 2 PR representatives trying to get me to cover the release of this `new’ product. Pyratine XR was […]

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