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Face Masks can aggravate your rosacea

Unsurprisingly a documented case of a health worker with an aggravated incidence of rosacea due to the continued use of personal protective equipment has been published. For many rosacea sufferers around the world that are required to wear PPE for work purposes this may be a real issue. Indeed in many countries a face mask […]

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Rosacea Phenotype Report Card – track with your doctor

  So you have heard something about the new phenotype approach to treating roscea. Doctors are hoping that this new approach will lead to better treatment outcomes for all rosacea sufferers. Find out what here you need to know about rosacea phenotypes, and also how you can use a simple report card to work together […]

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Best Practices for Treating Rosacea

This paper, a sponsored supplement in the DermatologyTimes is detailing the latest and greatest treatments for rosacea. Drs. Baldwin, Bhatia, Del Rosso, Stein-Gold, and Webster are asked a series of questions relating to their clinical experience in treating rosacea. Best Practices in the Treatment of Rosacea In this Dermatology Times supplement, a group of experts in […]

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5 Expert Tips for treating rosacea

Thanks to an educational supplement in DermatologyTimes, we have access to 5 expert rosacea tips, or as they are called “treatment pearls”. Make sure to treat the skin barrier before initiating drug treatment. Patients need to avoid the use of alcohol-based products, as well as harmful soaps or toners, and focus on appropriate use of […]

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How to diagnose Rosacea has radically changed (Phenotypes are now in)

A recent meeting of dermatologists and ophthalmologists has made a significant change to what constitutes a diagnosis of rosacea. This change will likely reframe many discussions on how practitioners come to make a diagnosis of rosacea. Also, given the internet age and easy access for patients to disease information, these changes will also affect how […]

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