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Demodex may prolong and intensify ocular rosacea

An edition of a clinical newspaper for optometrists – Helio.com/optometry’s Primary Care Optometry News features an article on the relationship between demodex infestation and ocular rosacea symptoms. The web site appears to have broken formatting, so is difficult to read, but here are some extracts you may find interesting. We know that the 3 main […]

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TheraTears Sterilid eyelid scrubs with tea tree oil

For those seeking an alternative to the Cliradex eyelid wipes, sterilid from thera tears might be worth considering. The “Natural based formula” used in TheraTears Sterilid Eyelid Cleanser contains Tea Tree Oil and Linalool. We know that TTO has anti-bacterial actions and can also kill demodex mites.  Linalool is a naturally occurring terpene alcohol chemical found […]

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Cliradex T4O wipes for treating Eye Lash Mites

In mid 2012 we learned that a company called Tissue Tech was going to trial single use T4O wipes as a treatment for ocular demodex mites. Early last year Bio-Tissue Inc., the parent company of Tissue Tech announced the release of Cliradex. This new product is promoted as a tea tree oil based moist towelette […]

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OCuSOFT Lid Scrub Plus kills demodex mites. Really ?

Here is a good example of why not to believe everything you read on the internet. Today the internet news stream has a `release’ titled OCuSOFT(R) Lid Scrub(TM) PLUS Proven to Kill Demodex Mites. In it we read ; “SYNACON/OCuSOFT(R) a broad based supplier of ophthalmic pharmaceuticals and supplies is pleased to announce the latest […]

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From: Linda Sy MD Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 14:46:19 Shelley Spencer wrote: Hi, Can any of the ocular rosacea sufferers let me know what they use to remove mascara/clean their eyes? Hi Shelley, Sorry for the delay in responding to you. I am replying here for the benefit of others who have also e-mailed me […]

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