Eucerin Redness Relief

The Eucerin Redness Relief range contains the licorice extract Licochalcone A. This active is promoted as being good for the redness of rosacea.

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Eucerin AntiREDNESS Soothing Care with SymSitive and Lic A

A recent paper has highlighted the potential benefit of a new range of rosacea skincare that contain licochalcone A (Lic A) and an active called SymSitive. This new active ingredient being highlighted is 4-t-butylcyclohexanol, and is marketed under the name SymSitive. In a study that was undertaken by employees of Beiersdorf, a new addition to the Eucerin Redness Relief […]

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Natural Anti-inflammatory Therapies for Rosacea

Dr. Wu published a paper in 2006 on treating rosacea with herbs. This paper highlighted the properties and potential rosacea treatment modalities of licorice, feverfew, green tea, oatmeal, lavender, chamomile, tea tree oil and camphor oil. This just published paper concentrates more on the anti-inflammatory properties of several natural products and reviews the evidence supporting […]

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Eucerin Redness Relief (Licochalcone A) relieves red face

Another paper showing that the licorice extract Licochalcone A can be used to create well tolerated rosacea treatments. The rosacea community is also saying that the Eucerin Redness Relief products are working well as a part of their rosacea-beating regime. Tolerance and efficacy of a skin care regimen containing licochalcone A for adults with erythematic […]

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Eucerin Redness Relief User Reviews

In 2005 a new range of skin care products from Eucerin (Beiersdorf Inc) called Eucerin Redness Relief was released. They are claimed as “Safe for sensitive skin and appropriate for Rosacea”. The Eucerin Redness Relief system has been clinically proven to provide immediate redness relief, and improve the condition of visibly red skin in four […]

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Some extracts from 2 promotional papers about the recently released Eucerin Redness Relief range of products. New Advances in the management of red irritated skin. … In addition to topical vitamin C, which I often recommend for its anti-inflammatory properties to treat rosacea associated with a lot of redness, there are currently 3 or 4 […]

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