Epsolay is Sol-Gel’s Benzoyl Peroxide for Rosacea. Epsolay is a topical encapsulated 5% benzoyl peroxide cream,

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Epsolay is Sol-Gel’s Benzoyl Peroxide for Rosacea

A new treatment for the papules and pustules of rosacea has been given its product name. Publicity surrounding the trial of the new benzoyl peroxide based rosacea topical has mentioned that the product is to be called Epsolay. Previously Epsolay has been known as VERED, S5G4T-1 and DER 45 EV. It is encouraging that Epsolay has […]

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Sol-Gel Releases E-BPO Phase 2 Trial Notes

In July 2009 we learned that Ness Ziona, Israel based Sol-Gel was trialing a supposed Benzoyl Peroxide derivate DER 45 EV for the treatment of rosacea. Sol-Gel was granted Investigational New Drug Application for DER45-EV in November 2009, which allowed Sol-Gel to undertake Phase 2 Trials. DER45-EV has been licensed to a US based Pharmaceutical […]

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Sol-Gel Trialling Benzoyl Peroxide (DER 45 EV) for Rosacea

An intriguing Clinical Trial has been listed on the ClinicalTrials.gov web site. The product know only as DER 45 EV Gel (in strengths of 1% and 5%) has been listed in a dose-range trial for the papules and pustules of rosacea. Clinical Trial NCT00940992, A Dose-Range of DER 45-EV in Treatment of Rosacea (SGT-EBPO1-09) To […]

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