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Rosacea boards fuel rosacea research

Here are 3 papers that have been written based on what rosacea sufferers have posted over time at the Rosacea Support Community forum site. None of the authors contacted me about their research, rather they sampled the forum postings themselves. So this means that there are some rosacea researchers directly interested in how rosacea sufferers […]

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Thought this was a great line from a recent NRS Blog Posting: It would be hard to invent a more embarrassing disease than rosacea.  Nice. I’m sure many many rosacea sufferers would agree. When Redness Makes You Blue Monday, April 2, 2012 "It would be hard to invent a more embarrassing disease than rosacea," said […]

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Continuing his research in facial flushing and anxiety, Dr. Peter Drummond from Murdoch University has published  some new research on social anxiety and facial flushing. The trial found that Niacin, which is known to induce a facial flush, actually causes more flushing in people that worry about what others think of them. By blinding participants […]

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How do you cope with Rosacea at Work?

The NRS recently highlighted the possible negative effects of rosacea in the workplace and on their career. As well any physical symptoms such as facial burning, blurred vision and debilitating flushing, the secondary worries about what others will think about your appearance make it tough for rosacea sufferers at work. Will others think that if […]

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This study, undertaken in Norway finds that bad acne can of its own accord, induce suicidal thoughts in teenagers. Being a teenager can be tough. Being a teenager with bad skin and good mental health can be even tougher. If this study bears out in the larger population, then it is worth knowing that acne […]

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