Demodex Mites

Demodex Mites and rosacea are often talked about together, but so far its has proven difficult to prove that the mites cause rosacea symptoms. The best we know so far is that a bacteria associated with the mites, known as B. oleronius, has been shown to induce an immune response in rosacea sufferers. Collected here are the most relevant articles that attempt to tie down just what role demodex mites play in the development of rosacea.

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Below are some sample patents relating to ivermectin and rosacea. It is interesting to see how long ago people were patenting using Ivermectin (Stromectol, Mectizan, Ivomec, Oramec, Cardomec) to treat rosacea. A patent only represents an attempt to protect intellectual property. Sadly this is no guarantee of the idea leading to a treatment that can […]

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Can Sea Buckthorn Oil Cure Rosacea ? Can it Touch Demodex ?

You don’t have to look too far on the internet to find grand claims about how good sea buckthorn oil is at treating rosacea. One vendor selling sea buckthorn products has a research page that makes claims using words like `breakthrough’, `dramatically reduces redness’ and `Seabuckthorn kills mites that cause Rosacea’. Another rosacea website touts sea […]

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How is Ivermectin used in dermatology ? This recently published paper is of interest because it mentions the possibility of treating rosacea with ivermectin (stromectol). Sadly there is but a sole reference to treating rosacea with Ivermectin ; and whats more, this paper is not new to us. The research that this paper references was […]

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The author was kind enough to provide a copy of his published letter. The PubMed and Journal only mention the title. Doxycycline at subantimicrobial doses, inhibits MMP activity. It is sold under the trade name Periostat. See below for other related Rosacea News items. Some extracts from this paper ; MMP-9 has already been evaluated […]

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This study finds that demodex mites are not more prevalent in those people who suffer from blepharitis. The Prevalence of Demodex folliculorum in Blepharitis Patients and the Normal Population. Ophthalmic Epidemiology, Volume 12, Number 4, August 2005, Pages 287 – 290. Mustafa Kemal, Zeynep Sumer, Mustafa Ilker Toker, Haydar Erdogan, Aysen Topalkara, Makbule Akbulut Purpose: […]

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