Demodex Mites

Demodex Mites and rosacea are often talked about together, but so far its has proven difficult to prove that the mites cause rosacea symptoms. The best we know so far is that a bacteria associated with the mites, known as B. oleronius, has been shown to induce an immune response in rosacea sufferers. Collected here are the most relevant articles that attempt to tie down just what role demodex mites play in the development of rosacea.

Recent Rosacea Blog Posts

A Papule is a Gravestone for a Dead Demodex!

One of the foremost rosacea researchers, Dr. Frank Powell drops a wonderful bombshell in a recent DermatologyTimes piece. Research suggests rosacea subtypes may be different conditions … here could be breach of the follicular wall. Initially, the mites are tolerated, possibly by innate or induced immune tolerance (Forton FM. J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol. 2012;26(1):19-28),” […]

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Sklice, Topical Ivermectin 0.5% for Head Lice on Scalp and Hair

A new prescription topical ivermectin product called Sklice is being promoted in the United States. Sanofi Pasteur received FDA approval for Sklice as a treatment for Head Lice in humans. The interest for rosacea sufferers in topical ivermectin has been motivated by the large scale trials that Galderma is undertaking with CD5024. CD5024 is a […]

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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Demodex Mites

If you search for demodex using Google’s Scholar search, you will find over 8,000 papers that mention them. Further if you search for demodex and rosacea you will get nearly 2,000 results. So there has been plenty of research into the topic. Whilst a clear causal link between the mites and rosacea has not yet […]

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T4O Pads (Terpinen-4-ol) for Ocular Demodex

An interesting new product that contains the main active ingredient from Tea Tree Oil has emerged in a new clinical trial listing. The trial titled Demodex Blepharitis Treatment Study, is sponsored by a company called Tissue Tech Inc. of Florida (who don’t seem to have a web site). Trial NCT01647217 seeks to prove that terpinen-4-ol […]

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More Demodex Dreaming: Mites are the Chicken?

The NRS recently highlighted a paper speculating that demodex mites are the missing link in papulopustular rosacea, or as they characterised the mites are the “chicken coming first before the egg”. It is a cute headline but the article and paper quoted are pretty lightweight. The Chicken, Not the Egg Thursday, July 5, 2012 Demodex […]

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