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SkinMedica Redness Relief CalmPlex launches to replace Cutanix DRL

We were tipped off by a comment on the blog posting about Cutanix going offline, to the possible future availability of a Cutanix like product. The commenter, who works for SkinMedica told us that; skincarejunkie Bioform was sold to Merz Aesthetics. In that sale Cutanix was sold to SkinMedica. They will launch the product this […]

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A few people have noticed that Cutanix seems to have vanished off the face of the internet. Their web sites at, are offline, and their corporate web site at no longer even mentions Cutanix. Also the other regular online stores for Cutanix DRL at Amazon, DermaDoctor and Skin-Etc have no stock. So what […]

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4-ethoxybenzaldehyde is the active ingredient (known as Quadrinone) in the Cutanix Dramatic Relief (DRL) line of products. This paper is published proof of the efficacy of the Cutanix products that contain Quadrinone. Efficacy of 1% 4-ethoxybenzaldehyde in reducing facial erythema. Dermatologic Surgery, 2005 July, Page 881-885; discussion 885. BACKGROUND: Facial erythema is a common postsurgical […]

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BioForm Medical, the owners of Cutanix Corporation, have announced that Quadrinone, the active ingredient in their products, is `4-ethoxybenzaldehyde’. Quadrinone is known to many in the rosacea community via the products known as Dramatic Relief Multi-Action Skin Therapy or (DRL). This announcement accompanies the paper entitled The Efficacy of 1% 4-ethoxybenzaldehyde (Quadrinone) in Reducing Facial […]

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