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The main rosacea prescriptions – Rhofade, Metrogel 1%, Soolantra, Oracea and Finacea all have offered savings cards at various times as seen fit by their manufacturers. For those with medical insurance, these so-called savings cards can increase the affordability of rosacea approved prescriptions. Those without medical insurance, sadly are on their own and are faced with paying the full retail prices – normally unaffordable amounts. See the following articles for information about savings programs for your favorite rosacea prescription.

Recent Rosacea Blog Posts

Rosacea Concierge from Bayer HealthCare

With a tag line of `Your Partner in Rosacea Care’, Bayer HealthCare, are highlighting a new service they call Rosacea Concierge. What is Rosacea Concierge? It seems that the main benefit of the Rosacea Concierge service, apart from a Finacea Coupon (that you can download for free independently) is `a 24-hour telephone access to nurses […]

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Finacea Foam Coupon, Pay $30 for your first fill

Bayer HealthCare, the makers of Finacea, are highlighting a new Finacea Foam Coupon Who is Bayer HealthCare? At the beginning of 2012 Intendis changed its name to Bayer HealthCare, 5 years after being acquired by Bayer through their purchase of Shering AG. Got that? Well it really just means that Bayer are the makers of […]

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Mirvaso Gel Coupon (Cost Reduction Card) now available

  As is the case for many of the prescriptions targeted at rosacea, the manufacturers of Mirvaso have made available a Mirvaso Coupon program. Galderma calls their Mirvaso campaign the Mirvaso Cost Reduction Card. The tagline for the promotion is “Eligible insured patients MAY pay no more than $50 for each Mirvaso Topical Gel prescription”. […]

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How much do Rosacea Prescriptions Really Cost?

  You don’t have to read the online rosacea forums for very long to see the outrage at how much rosacea sufferers, especially in the US, pay for Rosacea Prescriptions. If you want to try Metrogel 1%, Oracea or Finacea what might you expect to pay? The answer is actually not straight forward. A lot […]

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Promiseb now available as Scalp Wash

The nonsteroidal prescription Promiseb is now available as a Scalp Wash. Available only as part of `Promiseb Complete’, Promiseb Plus Scalp Wash is said to have “earned favorable ratings from patients for Helping with the appearance of dandruff and scalp redness” What is Promiseb? Promiseb Cream is a FDA-cleared medical device and has no active […]

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