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The main rosacea prescriptions – Rhofade, Metrogel 1%, Soolantra, Oracea and Finacea all have offered savings cards at various times as seen fit by their manufacturers. For those with medical insurance, these so-called savings cards can increase the affordability of rosacea approved prescriptions. Those without medical insurance, sadly are on their own and are faced with paying the full retail prices – normally unaffordable amounts. See the following articles for information about savings programs for your favorite rosacea prescription.

Recent Rosacea Blog Posts

Zilxi Coupon – pay just $35

If you have commercial health insurance, but that insurance does not cover the full cost of your prescription for Zilxi, then this coupon will enable you to pay as little as $35 to fill the prescription. Unfortunately if you getting access to Zilxi via a state or federal funded healthcare program (Medicare, Medigap, Medicaid, TRICARE […]

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Soolantra now $0 copay for insured patients

Galderma is now offering Soolantra, both the 30g and 45g tubes for $0 copay for those who are “Commercially Unrestricted”. Those eligible are described as; ‘Commercially Unrestricted’ refers to a payment by a patient that has commercial coverage (excludes all government programs) through a pharmaceutical benefit plan and a specific product has no restrictions (PA, […]

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Galderma CareConnect Savings Card

A little known program from Galderma may offer access to expensive rosacea treatments for many currently unaware rosacea sufferers. Galderma CareConnect offers rebates, for insured and fully uninsured rosacea sufferers for prescription treatments well known to rosacea sufferers; – Oracea, Mirvaso, Soolantra and Metrogel. The program is being promoted as being offered by `any US […]

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Rhofade Savings Card now available

 Allergan has announced the availability of the Rhofade Cream Savings Program, which is promoted as allowing access to a prescription of Rhofade for as little as $35. This out-of-pocket amount only applies if you have commercial insurance that covers Rhofade. If your insurance does not cover Rhofade `you may pay as little as $75′. The […]

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Soolantra Coupon (Savings Card) Now Available

Coinciding with the launch of the official web site for Soolantra, Galderma has made available a savings card for Soolantra. The card will allow a potential reduction in any out-of-pocket expenses for a Soolantra prescription, for insured patients. This savings card is similar in operation to Galderma’s cost reduction card for Mirvaso. The terms and […]

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