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Tanda Luxe (Red LEDs) for Facial Wrinkles and Cheek Rosacea

A clinical trial has been listed for the Tanda Luxe, a Red LED device that is to be used as a treatment for wrinkles and facial rosacea, especially on the cheeks. The Tända Luxe is approved by the FDA for over-the-counter treatment of wrinkles, rhytides and fine lines around the eye region. The trial will […]

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I have been contacted by Yvonne Law from Biometrix, who are looking for volunteers in San Francisco who are interesting in trialing a new product from a well known cosmetic company. The product is a “facial SPF with green tint corrector to reduce facial redness”. The company says that this product is “now being researched […]

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Allergan Trialing Oxymetazoline for Facial Redness

A just-posted trial notification shows very early clinical trials by Allergan, for their product they have named AGN-199201. The double blind trial will compare 3 different formulations of AGN-199201 with with the vehicle. The decrease in redness will be assessed by the clinician and participant after 5 days of use. As the trial is for […]

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The mysterious CD5024 1% Cream for which Galderma is conducting a large Phase III trial, has further been confirmed as the anti-parasitic Ivermectin. This latest confirmation comes from the World Heath Organisation’s International Clinical Trials Registry Platform Search Portal. The search for CD5024 reveals trials that have completed in the Czech Republic, Germany and Hungary. The […]

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Foamix Minocycline Foam works for Bacterial Infections

A recent press release teases rosacea sufferers that a topical foaming form of minocycline might become a new treatment. The trial results promoted in the press release are for a condition called Impetigo, a bacterial skin infection. Minocycline, as a member of the tetracycline family may offer some anti-inflammatory benefit to rosacea sufferers, but the […]

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