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Everything new and emerging for rosacea

Dermatology and Therapy has published a lengthy article detailing emerging therapies that are on the horizon for rosacea sufferers. It may seem like new and promising treatments for rosacea are few and far between. In recent years we have seen Mirvaso, Rhofade and Soolantra approved and make their way to rosacea sufferers. More recently Zilxi […]

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If you are 60+, live in Sydney, ROSEND needs you

A just listed trial in Sydney is looking for 40 over sixty year olds to evaluate a possible new treatment for rosacea – Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT). VMAT is a type of radiotherapy that is normally used to treat skin cancer. The trial, named ROSEND, wants to see if VMAT might offer a benefit […]

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Hovione – Topical Minocycline Gel starts Phase 3 testing

Promoted as being safer than systemic antibiotics, a 3% formulation of topical minocycline gel has passed Phase 2 clinical trials and is readying to commence Phase 3 trials. The owners of the product, currently named HY-01 – Hovione are promoting their in-development topical as more moisturising than other comparable topicals, and less likely to induce […]

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BioPharmX developing topical Minocycline Gel 1%

A phase 2 trial for a topical minocycline gel for the papules and pustules of rosacea has just been listed. BiopharmX, the sponsors of the trial, suggest that the product BPX-04 has “good tolerability and promising efficacy in rosacea” and also showcases “the value of our anhydrous hydrophilic topical delivery system.” The trial will compare the […]

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Mirvaso + Dysport being trialed together

A clinical trial has been listed proposing the combination of Mirvaso and Dysport (the Galderma owned Botox-like product) to treat the redness and flushing of rosacea. So if you have ever wondered whether botox and Mirvaso might work well together, this trial is for you. The trial will examine how well the combination of Mirvaso […]

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