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Nasalcrom regulates Mast Cells – reduces redness

In September last year a trial was listed to assess whether cromolyn sodium ophthalmic solution 4% could improve the redness associated with rosacea. This trial was listed by Dr. Anna Di Nardo, who is a part of the UCSD and has received NRS funding in 2012 to research the link between Mast Cells and the […]

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From the Wall Street Journal: Possible Suicide Link Prompts FDA to Probe Merck Asthma Drug The Food and Drug Administration said it is investigating a possible association between the widely used asthma medication Singulair and behavioral changes, including suicide. Singulair, made by Merck & Co., is approved to treat asthma and allergy symptoms such as […]

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Aspirin for Flushing says Dr. Bikowski

Alluding to a link between rosacea and migraines, Dr. Joseph Bikowski says that aspirin should be the first line of defense against rosacea flushing. A recent article in Dermatology Times highlights the potential benefits (and risks) of taking low doses of aspirin, long term for rosacea swelling and flushing. From: Miracle-worker aspirin represses rosacea flushing […]

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This product sounds really interesting for those rosacea sufferers who have oily skin. A H-1 Receptor Antagonist is an antihistamine, which are among the most widely used medications in the world. There is some published research with respect to H1 Antagonists and Atopic Dermatitis. All that I know so far is that this is a […]

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Following are some thoughts from a great bit of digging by Aurelia. The topic of seasonal allergies and nasal sprays emerges every now and then on the list. The whole thread is available at Google Groups Archive. Thanks for your effort in finding some excellent messages on this topic Aurelia. I used steroid anti-rhinitis and […]

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