Allergan makes the oxymetazoline based Rhofade, a topical that used to treat the red face of rosacea. Allergan is also known to rosacea sufferers because they make Restasis and Aczone.

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Aczone Fails to Impress for Rosacea

We don’t often get to see the actual results from clinical trials. Companies are happy to receive publicity for their research and development programs, especially if a new product looks promising. If things don’t go we during clinical trials, though, it seems that we just never hear about that product again. Allergan, the makes of […]

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Allergan Developing Oxymetazoline (AGN-199201/V-101) Cream Formulations

A recently surfaced patent application shows that Allergan are continuing to protect their intellectual property around their proposed Oxymetazoline based facial redness treatment. This patent application relates to the technology and inventions used to create a suitable cream formulation of oxymetazoline. It covers how to make the cream so that it is effective, tolerated, is […]

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Allergan Trialing Oxymetazoline for Facial Redness

A just-posted trial notification shows very early clinical trials by Allergan, for their product they have named AGN-199201. The double blind trial will compare 3 different formulations of AGN-199201 with with the vehicle. The decrease in redness will be assessed by the clinician and participant after 5 days of use. As the trial is for […]

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Cyclosporin better than Artificial Tears for Ocular Rosacea

Skin and Allergy News has an article today highlighting the recent positive research into the usage of Cyclosporin as a treatment for Ocular Rosacea. Dr. Harper mentions that she likes to include Oracea as an oral treatment for the worst of her ocular rosacea patients, but also uses 20mg twice a day of doxycycline for […]

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Allergan buying Vicept Therapeutics to get V-101 / Oxymetazoline

News today that Allergan are buying the privately held pharmaceutical company Vicept Therapuetics. The aim of many small startup companies is to be acquired by a larger company, Vicept telling us that “We believe Allergan is the best company to complete the development and make the therapy available to the clinical community and their patients, […]

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