Allergan makes the oxymetazoline based Rhofade, a topical that used to treat the red face of rosacea. Allergan is also known to rosacea sufferers because they make Restasis and Aczone.

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Rhofade – Allergan’s oxymetazoline brand name

Allergan haven’t announced it yet, but it seems pretty clear that they are planning to use the brand name Azultro for their oxymetazoline based treatment for the erythema of rosacea. Azultro started life as V-101 when owned by Vicept Therapeutics. It was renamed as AGN-199201 after Allergan purchased Vicept. Actavis now owns Allergan. I had […]

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Allergan’s Oxymetazoline Starts Phase 3 Trials for Redness

Allergan have listed their Phase 3 trials details for AGN-199201, their Oxymetazoline based treatment, called AGN-199201, for the persistent red face associated with rosacea. Phase 3 trials like this one are interested in assessing the safety and efficacy of the active ingredient in a proposed treatment. Efficacy is proved by comparing the active treatment against […]

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Sansrosa and Afrin Updates from Dr. Fowler & Dr. Webster

Skin and Allergy News is running an article dated this week based on some informal comments from Dr. Joseph F. Fowler Jr. and Dr. Guy W. Webster given recently at the Hawaii Dermatology Seminar sponsored by the Global Academy for Medical Education/Skin Disease Education Foundation (SDEF). These comments relate to two of the hottest topics […]

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Miami, Florida Trialists for Red Face Wanted (AGN-199201)

The Baumann Cosmetic and Research Institute in Miami, Florida is looking for possible trial participants who suffer from the redness of rosacea. This site is the only trial site located in Miami for this trial. See below for the official trial publicity. Please contact the clinic for more details. (click for larger image) What is […]

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Allergan Dose Finding Trials for AGN-199201 Oxymetazoline

In April 2011 we learnt that Vicept Therapeutics was undertaking some Phase 2 trials for their V-101 product. Now we see that Allergan, the new owners of V-101 are about to undertake some Dose Finding Phase 2 trials for the re-named AGN-199201. Even though the 2011 announcement suggested that that trial was “designed to optimize […]

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