Acne Treatments

Whilst acne and rosacea are different conditions, for some rosacea sufferrs, the mildest acne treatments might prove useful – especially if the main rosacea symptoms are papules and pustules.

We can learn a lot from the much bigger world of acne treatments. Below is a collection of acne articles that are of interest to rosacea sufferers.

Recent Rosacea Blog Posts

Rosacea is itchier, drier and redder than acne

This paper published in the Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences is confirming one of the things what we know about rosacea – that it differs from acne in a few important ways. Rosacea sufferers have an impaired epidermal barrier function that leads to rosacea-specific symptoms of erythema, itchiness, dryness and burning. The water and lipid […]

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Treating enlarged facial pores – new treatments

Cutis has a recent article that seeks to address a common condition amoungst acne and rosacea sufferers – visibly enlarged facial pores. This condition can have a negative effect on rosacea sufferers’ quality of life, and traditionally is hard to treat. Enlarged Facial Pores: An Update on Treatments Cutis. 2016 July;98(1):33-36. Joanna Dong, BA; Julien Lanoue, […]

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What is the difference between acne and rosacea?

Many of us come to rosacea after thinking that we might have symptoms that look like an adult form of acne. I know I thought for several years that I was becoming a teenager again with red lump and bumps that sure felt like acne. Acne is thought to be related to the overgrowth of […]

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Clarifoam EF no longer available?

I have had an email from a rosacea sufferer who is finding it hard to get hold of Clarifoam EF in the US. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions for Michelle, please leave a comment below. Hi David, I wanted to contact you and ask if you knew where I could find clarifoam ef […]

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“Blue Zone” inhabitants and acne symptoms

Dan has an interesting post over that blog. He asks whether the same factors that seem to contribute to longevity in a few cities around the world might also contribute to becoming acne-free as well. The reference to Blue Zone is from the author Dan Buettner – see his list of books at […]

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