Anyone using the Cutanix Dramatic Relief creme ??

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From:  "Dennis & Linda Galway" 
Date:  Tue Aug 13, 2002  3:55 am
Subject:  Anyone using the Cutanix Dramatic relief creme ??

Seems like quite a while since this new formulation was first introduced here and at the sebderm group. I know that many of us have received samples. I requested the sensitive skin sample today and I am looking forward to receiving it. However, I was just wondering if I could ask for a poll on who has been using this and has it been effective.

My skin has been doing really great lately. I have not worn foundation for weeks. Well maybe once or twice. I used the Aveeno to cleasne when I did wear it. On the other days, I wash with plain water, use the Clinique yellow emulsion and some cetaphil face creme in the tube on my cheeks. The flakiness is gone.  The rough bumps which Jana said could be from clogged pores due to a dehydrated skin, are gone. You might remember that I was always complaining about the gunk that seemed to be spewing from my pores. All gone. My cheeks have calmed way down too. Of course I still have the blotched areas on my cheeks from the dilated blood vessels but I am not expecting a topical to get rid of those. I will get some laser treatments done later this fall.  Hope that all is well.


btw. on the few days when I did use some foundation, it was Maqui-libre from Lancome. I think that the second ingredient is cylcomethicone.


From:  "ruizdelvizo" 
Date:  Tue Aug 13, 2002  5:17 am
Subject:  Re: Anyone using the relief creme from Cutanix??


It’s great to hear that your skin is much better. I have to say that I’m extremely pleased with Cutanix too. It cleans out the mild seb derm that I have so well. It doesn’t feel like my face is "allergic" to its own oil anymore. I don’t have to use any sort of foundation or coverup either. I use Dr. Sy’s untinted ZincO as sun protection and that’s it.

Someone I hadn’t seen in about a year at my workplace told me a few weeks ago that she couldn’t believe how fantastic I looked. She kept telling me how great I looked. Nothing changed for me except using Cutanix. I haven’t lost weight or done anything different to my hair.

I really, really love Cutanix. It’s the closest thing I’ve gotten to a miracle in a bottle. I can look at my skin under fluorescent lights and feel good about my skin.

I’ll be asking for the free sample of the sensitive skin, but I really like this first version that I’ve been using since the first week of June. I might go ahead and buy that.

I hope Cutanix has worked for others too. I’d be interested to hear if it hasn’t too. I wonder if my mild seb derm and eczema were aggravating factors in my rosacea.

Take care,


From:  "scoby34ie" 
Date:  Tue Aug 13, 2002  11:26 pm
Subject:  Re: Anyone using the relief creme from Cutanix??

Matija,you took the words right out of my mouth.I havent looked this good in years.My seb derm is non-existant and I dont flush anymore.As a result of not flushing anymore my face doesnt swell anymore.I have also found that I can go out in the sun now for a couple of hours without my face getting hot and red.My skin is a little on the oily side so I am looking forward to trying the new formula which doesnt have an oil base.Having said that I have still ordered two bottles of the Cutanix DRL because I love the stuff.I have seen a total clearance of my seb derm and a 90% improvement in my Rosacea.

I would like to thank Dr Brian Pilcher,Dr Brian Fuller,and the other eight researchers at Cutanix who developed this great lotion and gave me my life back.



From:  "Hensley, Sharon" 
Date:  Wed Aug 14, 2002  1:02 am
Subject:  RE: [rosacea] Re: Anyone using the relief creme from Cutanix??

I really wish people would understand that you go into remission (like you do with cancer) when you have rosacea. I will bet that it comes back so my advice is to stay out of the sun as it will only come back even worse.

I was red when I was 27 but not when I was 32. I am now flushed. Explain that.


From:  "ruizdelvizo" 
Date:  Wed Aug 14, 2002  1:53 am
Subject:  [rosacea] Re: Anyone using the relief creme from Cutanix??


It’s true that rosacea does have periods of remission interspersed with flares,flushes and the whole nine yards. However, it seems that seb derm never went into any sort of remission for me. It did get somewhat better when it was sunnier outdoors (the fungus which causes seb derm seems to go into remission when hit by some sunlight), but I’d still have flakes. It seems as if the seb derm did go away almost completely for me using this product.

I think for some of us, the seb derm can aggravate rosacea. With the Cutanix clearing it up, my face is less reactive. I still have to be careful of eating the wrong foods or staying in direct sunlight too long. I’ll get flares. The rosacea has not gone away for me. It’s much easier to live with though.

Take care,

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    There used to be a cream called IT Relief they must have changed the name are you familiar with this?

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