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Thanks to Georgie Holbrook for answering some questions for Rosacea News. You can visit her web site at

In 2000 when I reviewed her book I wrote "Georgie is a delight to deal with and a true friend to all us Rosaceans". That is still very much a true statement.

1. What was your motivation for writing Joy-Full Holistic Remedies, How to Experience Your Natural Ability to Heal

I was compelled to write this book on self healing because I couldn’t find a book like this in my time of need when I had Rosacea.

2. What would you say was the key message you wanted to get across?

I wanted people to learn from my example and know that they too can decide to heal Rosacea or other health challenges despite the odds.

At the time I was diagnosed with Rosacea, I knew practically nothing about the mechanics of my body or how it does healing and repair.  I was in an emergency with what the doctors labeled as an ‘incurable.’ I was terrified that my face would deform before I found a solution. 

I had been a problem solver in the corporate world.  I felt very out of control and helpless with my bright red face.  I went on a quest determined to solve my own health challenge and vowed never find myself in this vulnerable position again.  I used skills developed in solving complex business problems on myself.  In the business world I learned to solve a problem at the cause level and the effect would go away.  What was the cause of my Rosacea?

After seven years with my face starting to deform and having lost a major part of my eye sight, it appeared my attempt to a solution was futile as I progressively got worse!  Finally, I found a doctor who knew exactly how the immune system heals.  When I followed his suggestions to correct the im-balances in my body, I healed in one year with 20/20 vision and the capillaries in my face healed without any scars.  I healed and solved what over 50 doctors and far more holistic practitioners thought impossible.  

Once healed I felt compelled to share my journey with others in hopes they could avoid this traumatic experience and heal faster than I did.  I hoped they would not label themselves “incurable” and stop researching all the negative things they could find about disease.  Some of the folks who have written to me had allowed their minds and emotions to run rampant about their diagnoses until it practically paralyzed them and their quality of life.  Hopefully with my story, they can learn to relax, find a direction and a more natural loving healing.  Many people get so caught up in the fear having Rosacea that they lose their jobs, become isolated and depressed.  Still others had tried all kinds of topical treatments and medications on their face that eventually burned or made their skin super sensitive.  I’ve heard horrible stories about what people have tried that didn’t work.  Currently many young women have written me regarding the enormous emotional pain they have as a result of their Rosacea face.  I wanted my book to reflect how fear alters the chemistry in the body by focusing attention on the problem and instead focus compassionately to encourage the body to heal deeper issues causing Rosacea.

3. What has been the reaction to your book?

Most often, the comments have been that it is rare to find someone who has written in unflinching details how to healed from Rosacea.

Many have told me they read my book two or three times to review and practice the self help exercises.  I continue to receive heart warming stories about how my book has given them a plan of action and that they too are now healing.

I have numerous testimonials from around the world and interestingly many, if not most, identify with my story.  As a society we have been taught to hide hurts, make money doing things we don’t enjoy and not to allow ourselves to grieve losses.  We live with routines of eat, sleep and work at the expense of our families and friends until our faithful body rebels with a health challenge.  These very people have been my angel helpers in sharing my web site, book and CDs with others, knowing that together we can touch other people’s lives in profound life changing ways.

David, since you live in Australia, I give you personal thanks for your great web site for the fact that I have sold more books to people from Australia than any other country.  

4. How did the reaction match with your expectations? i.e. what did you hope would happen once your book was released?

I was compelled to write my healing story and it was a dream come true.  I knew sales expectations would come from word of mouth and how well it was received by others.  My expectation when the book came out was like having a grateful heart and releasing a balloon into the sky wondering how far and wide it will travel and touch people’s lives.  The World Wide Web has proven to be a great resource in selling my book and CDs to people that would normally never had the opportunity of learning from my experience.

I wanted my story to be a wake up call for others who take their bodies and lives for granted.  Together we can make a difference in each other’s lives by learning about nature, natural remedies, healing our hidden hurts and living calmer happier lives.

5. What have you learned about Rosacea since publishing your book?

My book was self-published in 1999. During the time I had Rosacea, I met only two people in seven years with this disease.  In 2007, the World Wide Web estimates that some 45 million now have Rosacea.  I have often felt that God allowed me to write my healing story and surprised me by the great number of people who are now coming forward and are desperate to find Rosacea answers. 

Because of my book, I’ve been in contact with hundreds who have Rosacea, acne and others with all types of illnesses and diseases.  I’ve learned that my case was not an isolated case of healing an “incurable” disease.  I have been able to teach others that their own immune system knows how to heal them.  Because I was able to reverse an extreme case of Rosacea, I’m more convinced every day that the natural healing process works.  It brings me great joy to witness and learn about how other people healed of even bizarre types of situations.

The most important thing is we can all use this knowledge and it is very empowering to know how your own body works.

What I’ve discovered as one of the key factors about the immune system disorders is that enough stress or trauma, over a long period of time can cause the body to go into exhaustion.  The cells start failing to communicate and there is an auto immune reaction which in turn causes random symptoms including adrenal exhaustion, roller coaster high and low energy and a variety of illnesses or diseases.  How mild to extreme stress can impair the physical body, shutting down the life force.  And I know how these can be reversed.  All of this can be corrected over time time. 

Holistic healing isn’t easy or quick.  In the end, I have found it exceptionally rewarding and I’ve learned far more about my body, mind and spirit than I ever could have from books or a University education.

In my opinion, Rosacea is a reflection of the inner body.  The im-balance in the inner body is reflected on the skin.  So, we heal from the inside out in the reverse order that the health challenge originally got created.  Our incredible bodies have an intelligence that knows how to heal us and it is for us to count on it and support it by nurturing ourselves with proper diet, exercise, knowledge of the natural healing process and creating peace within.  Finding peace and happiness will start turning our many health challenges in a positive direction.  Healing takes whatever time it takes and it is always time to be our own cheerleaders and love our bodies back to wholeness.

I have a saying that Rosacea came from nothingness and will go back to     nothingness once the body is in harmony with nature and no longer stressed, unhappy or in chaos. 

6. Do you have plans for further editions?

I don’t have any immediate goals to write another book.  I have written various healing articles that have appeared in numerous national magazines.  I find I can talk faster than I can write so I continue to create more educational healing CDs.  My healing articles can be found under Georgie’s Blog on my web site  The first chapter of my book can also be downloaded free of charge.  The beginning message on all my CDs can be listened to free in hopes of helping more people find answers.

7. Would you recommend to others to publish a book?

I would highly recommend people write their own stories for self-reflection and healing.  Self publishing now with print on demand is getting easier than when I warehoused thousands of books.  There is very little profit in books unless you hit the big time markets.  The reward comes from the accomplishment and self fulfillment of giving people around the world the opportunity to heal and find greater meaning in their lives.  

My personal belief is that we, as a society, can learn to stop running on empty.  We can learn to be an example to those around us of how to be joy-filled, healthy and happy.  When possible we can write our healing story and share it with the world in celebration and gratitude.

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