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Thanks to Arlen Brownstein  for answering some questions from Rosacea News. You can visit her site at Rosacea World.

Arlen Brownstein M.S., N.D., is a Naturopathic Physician who has a masters degree in nutrition from the University of Connecticut. The book is co-authored by Donna Shoemaker, C.N., who is a Certified Nutritionist with her degree from the American Health Sciences University.

1. What was your motivation for writing Rosacea, Your Self-Help Guide ?

Truthfully, it was not my idea.  I was approached by someone from New Harbinger Press who knew me and my struggle with rosacea and asked if I would write a book.  I fought the idea initially, but she convinced me that it was a contribution to other rosaceans that I could and should make.

2. What would you say was the key message you wanted to get across ?

I realized that I could only write this book if I indeed had a central message.  The day I figured it out, was the day the book took shape in my mind. What I had come to understand was how important it was to reframe the experience of having rosacea. So the first words I wrote for this book became the chapter entitled “Everything You Can Have.” Because the alternative, focusing on the limitations imposed by rosacea, is a waste of precious time.

3. What has been the reaction to your book ?

The response to the book has been excellent.  It is still doing well after all these years.  A friend of mine recently saw it as a featured book in an alternative pharmacy in Berkeley.

4. How did the reaction match with your expectations ? i.e. what did you hope would happen once your book was released ?

I had no real expectations since the book was not written out of any particular need I had. I wasn’t trying to sell something.  But it was exceptionally rewarding to get so many positive letters from people all over the world.

5. What have you learnt about rosacea since publishing your book ?

I’ve actually learned a lot by experimentation on myself regarding what I put in my body and what I put on my skin.  I have learned to go beyond making my skin look “normal,” to making it look great.  I have met other people who are working with rosacea who are getting impressive results, such as Helen Sher.  I recently spent time with Helen at her clinic in London.   I saw first hand clients responding to her topical treatments and makeup.

I’ve seen my own skin respond  dramatically well to treatments that supposedly should never be done to rosacean skin. I have a great aesthetician who does great things with my skin.

I have learned to work with bioidentical hormones in terms of how they effect my skin.  I am not aware of anyone else using that focus.
Mostly, I have solidified my belief that the etiology of rosacea is multifactorial.  There will never be one answer, but there are many answers for those of us out there that have struggled.

6. Do you have plans for further editions ?

I am meeting with the publishers this week.  I would like to update the book.  There is so much more I would like to say now.

7. Would you recommend to others to publish a book ?

Absolutely, if that’s someone’s desire.  The requirements are simply the ability to write and the desire to communicate a message.

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2 Reader Comments

  1. David J. WILLS says:

    I have been using MEDICINAL HONEY now for 8 days and the results on my rosacea are unbelieveable.

    It is clearing up without the aids of antibiotics except those found in the honey.

    I was being treated with doxycycline and rosacea cram for th past 12 months or so with no real effect and I saw an article on a TV Talk Back programme about MEDICINAL HONEY so thought I would give it a go.

    My forehead, which was always painful to touch, had lesions and skin peeling off all the time, is no longer painful, the lesions are cleared up and the skin peeling has stopped and new skin is replacing the ugly holes where the lesions had once been.

    Has there been a study on the use of MEDICINAL Honey at any time and if so, were the results the same as mine or am I one of a kind.


  2. Kathy says:

    What brand of honey were you using?

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