Allergan – Rhofade has no rebound

In a document prepared for Allergan’s November 4, 2015 R&D Day presentation, Allergan is highlighting the development of its soon to be approved oxymetazoline 1% cream for rosacea. The slides relating to Oxymetazoline show the features of this product, along with other products in development, that Allergan wants to promote to investors.

In the presentation Allergan makes claims that their oxymetazoline based product is superior to Mirvaso in a few ways;

  • less adverse events
  • no rebound redness
  • better safety profile
  • lower discontinuation after 1 year’s use

In other publicity Allergan has further distanced Oxymetazoline from Mirvaso, perhaps wanting to show that oxymetazoline might be a better tolerated topical treatment for the red face experienced by rosacea sufferers.

Favorable Safety Profile

The first slide for Oxymetazoline highlights the “Favorable dermal safety compared to Mirvaso”.


High Satisfaction

The second Oxymetazoline slide highlighted the number of patients who reported being satisfied or very satisfied on day 29.


Fewer Adverse Events than Mirvaso – No Rebound!

The third slide is the most interesting with Allergan claiming that their Oxymetazoline 1% Cream (likely to be called Azultro) has a better adverse event profile compared to Mirvaso, as well as a lower rate of discontinuation after 1 year of use.

The slide is also claiming that Allergan’s 1% Oxymetazoline cream has no rebound effect. This sounds like great news, as long as it is found to be correct of course.


Full Press Release

The 2015 R&D Day PDF was made available via – R&D Day Presentation (linked off the Allergan R&D Page). Normally these sorts of `forward looking’ presentations are full of disclaimers and legal statements, but this document doesn’t contain any. It would appear that Allergan are going all out, a year from availability, starting their marketing push for Azultro.

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3 Reader Comments

  1. Rob says:

    Ok that’s all good news but what about cost? anyone have a clue? Soolantra just jumped to $100.00 a tube for me even with coupon, was $25.00 last month. I’ll bet it’s up there unfortunately.

    • David Pascoe says:

      It won’t be cheap by any measure of cheap – you are right there. Unfortunately the bigpharma companies want good returns on their multi million dollar investments in new treatments.

  2. Rob says:

    So when will I be able to have it in hand?

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