Allergan buys Aczone, has plans for rosacea targeting ?

aczone-box OK this story is getting so much coverage in the online press that I thought I should cover it here too. Allergan is buying the topical dapsone product called Aczone for $150m.

From: Allergan Announces Agreement to Acquire Aczone(R) Gel 5%

“Aczone(R) Gel 5% is the first new chemical entity approved by the FDA for the treatment of acne in several years, and represents an important clinical advance in dermatology with a robust safety and efficacy profile demonstrated in more than 3,000 patients,” said Scott Whitcup, M.D., Allergan’s Executive Vice President of Research and Development. “We are excited to make Aczone(R) Gel 5% widely available to dermatologists and their patients in North America, underscoring our commitment to continue to invest and respond to unmet medical needs in dermatologic therapies and building upon our more than 10 years of success with TAZORAC(R).”

Aczone is 5% topical dapsone gel. Originally targeted as an acne treatment, it has also been trialled as a rosacea treatment. Aczone is contraindicated for anyone with a history of anemia or an enzyme deficiency.

The new owners of Aczone are Allergan who perhaps are better known for making the dry eye treatment Restasis, Refresh artificial tears, and the product that was the genesis of Sansrosa – Alphagan P.

I am yet to see any results from the trials for treating rosacea with Aczone. It will be interesting to see if Allergan has plans to broaden the marketing of Aczone to include rosacea.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    My Doctor just prescribed Aczone in addition to the Finecea I was already using. I think she has misdiagnosed me all together but I am hoping for results.

  2. Would love to hear what you think about Aczone Elizabeth.

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