Acupuncture, Yoga, Hat and Moisturiser says Daily Mail

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We are seeing more and more newspaper health and beauty articles that relate to rosacea. Today the UK’s MailOnline has an intriguingly titled article – How waggling my feet has helped my red face. To save you the effort of reading all the way to the end, the feet waggling refers to an exercise the acupuncturist suggests “waggling them slowly up and down at the ankle for three minutes night and morning, to move the heat around my body.”

The article’s author Maggie Alderson lists a few treatments that she has settled on to get relief from her rosacea symptoms.

“The less I do to my face and the purer the gunk I don’t do it with, the better.”

“I left with a prescription for oral antibiotics, which he said were the only thing that would help.

As I’d rather have a sore, red face than take antibiotics on an open-ended schedule, I was no further ahead.”

It seems like Ms Alderson’s current regime can be summarise thus;

  • I just use Liz Earle’s Superskin Moisturiser, which is the only one that seems to counteract the tissue paper dryness.
  • Apart from this there are three things that seem to keep my pizza face – as we call it in the family – under relative control. The most radical is acupuncture. She has also prescribed foot exercises, waggling them slowly up and down at the ankle for three minutes night and morning, to move the heat around my body.
  • Now I use an overpriced SPF15 tinted moisturiser under my foundation – and wear a hat. You feel like a plonker, but it’s not as embarrassing as having a face like a baboon’s bum.
  • The final weapon in my rosacea armoury is yoga. It’s the one thing that makes me really relax and I find that between classes, it helps to keep life’s general anxiety level down.

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  1. phlika29 says:

    I find this articles annoying. So pointless and unhelpful. Why don’t these journalists spend some time actually carrying out research, I mean how hard is it to come across these forums and see what people are trying.

    Pizza face!! love the old stereotypes!!

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