accutane and dry eyes

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From:  "Linda Sy MD"
Date:  Thu Feb 4, 1999  11:10 pm
Subject:  [rosacea] Re: rosacea and Accutane


Accutane even in low doses, does help rosacea, in my experience with patients. It is particularly beneficial for the acne part as well as the seborrheic dermatitis. However, whether or not it helps the dilated capillaries, I am not so sure. This of course, can be helped later by laser treatment. The downside for some, is the severe dryness of the eyes while under treatment, especially for those with ocular rosacea. BTW, long-term benefits vary. Some are happy while others may have to take accutane (10-20 mg) sporadically such as 1-2 tabs per week or during flare ups only. This is not recommended by the manufacturer nor by most derms but it is not an uncommon practice, especially in Hollywood, I heard.  As far as makeup is concerned, may I suggest that you consider our Linda Sy Liquid Makeup with Sunscreen SPF 15?

Linda Sy M.D.
Linda Sy Skin Care



I’m new to this group so I haven’t read a lot of the posts yet.I was wondering if anyone has tried Accutane to help treat rosacea.I’ve been told that I have rosacea and/or seborrhea dermititis. I’ve tried so many things, pills, diets, vitamins, cremes, etc….so Accutane is my last resort with pills to control this.I’m just wondering if its the best treatment for red,itchy,and flaking skin.(plus the side effects are wonderful!) I’ve been on it for one week now so we’ll see what happens. I would appreciate any input on this. Also what  is the best make-up to use to cover some of this without aggravating it?



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