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David Pascoe started the Rosacea Support Group on the internet in 1998. It started as an email group hosted at The email service became and later it was acquired by Yahoo! The email group is now hosted at Yahoo!Groups.

The email group has grown slowly and steadily over the years to more than 7000 members.

Previously some rosacea pages were hosted at

In July 2005, Rosacea News was born. This was an attempt to collect all the interesting bits and pieces of news related to rosacea, as they happened. As the number of news items approaches 300, it was time to consolidate all of the existing Rosacea Support Group pages and Rosacea News pages together.

So what you see now is the third generation of the web pages for the Rosacea Support Group. Most pages on this site will now allow you to leave a comment at the bottom. Please feel free to comment on articles and pages that interest you.

In 2003 David Pascoe appeared in the health section of the West Australian Newspaper. Here is a scan of the 2 pages, if you’d like to have a read.

In April 2008 David was mentioned in 2 articles in the New York Times. The first was an article mentioned a book on rosacea that was written by a computer: He Wrote 200,000 Books (but Computers Did Some of the Work). The second article was titled In a Perfect World, Rosacea Remains a Problem.

Reliable information about rosacea can be hard to find on the internet. If you agree that this site is useful and would like to link to me, please link to and call the link Rosacea Support Group in the anchor text. Thanks for your help.

What do you and don’t you like about Rosacea News and the Rosacea Support Group ? Is there something you’d like to see ? Please email me with your thoughts.

David Pascoe.

Site Authors

The Rosacea Support Group News site is currently authored by 3 writers. Follow the author links to read posts from that writer.

Are You Good Enough?

Are you up for creating original content and getting it in front of those with influence in the Rosacea Community?

Drop an email with your ideas of what you would like to write about that will interest rosacea sufferers.


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