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David Pascoe started the Rosacea Support Group on the internet in 1998. It started as an email group hosted at makelist.com. The email service became egroups.com and later it was acquired by Yahoo! The email group was hosted at Yahoo!Groups, but this service is now also no longer around.

The email group has grown slowly and steadily over the years to more than 7000 members.

Previously some rosacea pages were hosted at rosacea.ii.net, but this is now all hosted here at rosacea-support.org.

In July 2005, Rosacea News was born. This was an attempt to collect all the interesting bits and pieces of news related to rosacea, as they happened. As the number of news items approaches 300, it was time to consolidate all of the existing Rosacea Support Group pages and Rosacea News pages together.

So what you see now is the third generation of the web pages for the Rosacea Support Group. Most pages on this site will now allow you to leave a comment at the bottom. Please feel free to comment on articles and pages that interest you.

In 2003 David Pascoe appeared in the health section of the West Australian Newspaper. Here is a scan of the 2 pages, if you’d like to have a read.



In April 2008 David was mentioned in 2 articles in the New York Times. The first was an article mentioned a book on rosacea that was written by a computer: He Wrote 200,000 Books (but Computers Did Some of the Work). The second article was titled In a Perfect World, Rosacea Remains a Problem.

Reliable information about rosacea can be hard to find on the internet. If you agree that this site is useful and would like to link to me, please link to https://rosacea-support.org and call the link Rosacea Support Group in the anchor text. Thanks for your help.

What do you and don’t you like about Rosacea News and the Rosacea Support Group ? Is there something you’d like to see ? Please email me with your thoughts.

Please note that this site does not solicit or accept guest posts or take part in link sharing partnerships. I will ignore all such email requests.

David Pascoe.

David Pascoe

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About the Author: David Pascoe started the Rosacea Support Group in October 1998. .

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48 Reader Comments

  1. phlika29 says:


    Its nice to get to finally see you. I love the article, your skin looks great now.

  2. Thanks for the comments. It took quite a few years, but yeah now my skin looks great and most people will never know. I still wear a tinted sunscreen everyday to cover that ever present redness though.

  3. candy says:

    thanks David for creating a “place” where we can share our rosacea problems…I’m glad u are finally fine…thanks again

  4. Pete Willard says:

    I have sebaceous glands on both sides of my nose and it looks like i could be getting a bulbous nose.I went to four skin drs. and they said i won’t get rhinophyma of the nose.What do you think and can i help my nose?
    thank you

  5. Stacy says:

    Went to a dermatologist for the first time yesterday. I am just now learning about rosacea. The DR prescribed metrogel and Oracea. I am not crazy about the idea of taking an antiobiotic, but I also want the most effective treatment. After looking on the internet today, I am more concerned with side effects of the topical cream.
    Now I am wondering should I be trying over the counter products like Eucrin first?

  6. Hi Pete,

    Great to see you posting on the forum as well. Hope you get some good help there as well.

    Hi Stacy,

    Oracea is a low dose antibiotic so it should give you much less problems compared to regular, higher doses. Also metrogel is a good treatment that works well. Some people can’t tolerate it due to sensitive skin, but if you can tolerate them, you should see some good benefits. All the best,


  7. Michelle says:

    I just joined the site. David treatments have you used and what eventually worked? When were you diagnosed with rosacea? How many years did you have it before getting treatment? Did that affect the results? Sorry for all the questions;-)
    Michelle(Blue on the rosacea support group)

  8. Hi Michelle,
    on the right hand side under David’s Pages are links to a couple of pages where I waffle on about various treatments that I have used over time. Hopefully those will give you a good idea of what I’ve used so far.

  9. Michelle says:

    Hi David,
    Thanks for replying to my message.
    couldnt find David’s pages to the right–I went into search and that pulled up your pages–just wondered if you could tell me under what headings I would find the links;-)


  10. In the right hand column, there are headings Subscribe, Recent Articles, Recent Comments, Spotlighted Articles, _David’s Pages_, Products, Subscribe via RSS.

  11. peter says:

    could you recommend a face-cooling gel/creat/lotion that will help keep my face cool (and reduce prickly heat) through out the day.

    thank you

    Peter Haynes

  12. James Finnigan says:


    Would appreciate a trial sample of the Seabuckthorn Cream if any left. I leve in Brisbane and would pay postage.


  13. Ludi says:

    I only discovered your site now.

    Thank u

  14. Hi David.
    Thankyou for your articles. I treat people rosacea with IPL and often put them onto the web site for more info.
    If you have any of the sea buckthorne I would love to give to some of my clients to try.
    Thank you

  15. Sorry but the freebie samples are all accounted for now.


  16. Bev Jones says:

    Hello I have been given ROSEX Gel from the Doctor but it seems to make me worse I only used it 3 times and when I read the side affects that it kills DNA I stopped using but I am frightened to go back to my GP as he didn’t say any thing useful only that he would give me tablet form but I don’t want to be a guinea pig for my GP please help

  17. Hi Bev,

    Rozex gel does cause bad reactions in some people. If you can tolerate it, it should work reasonably well. Another option is noritate (if available in your country) or metrolotion or metrocream. It is generally safe to use and a very common treatment. It is good to have a good read of the prescribing information though as no drug is without side effects.

    Oral metronidazole (flagyl) is sometimes used to treat rosacea, but it has even more possible side effects than topical rozex. Oral antibiotics like doxycycline have also been used a lot to treat rosacea, but again this is not without possible side effects.

    If the usual route of rozex+doryx doesn’t work or isn’t applicable then there are lots of other things you can try: a gentle moisturizing and cleansing routine with a tinted physical sunscreen, IPL and others.

    Have a read of the information for newly diagnosed rosacea sufferers here and see if it helps get you started ;



  18. Brenda says:

    I kind of stumbled upon your website by accident. Boy am I glad to get to know you. I am an African American with roseaca. Imagine the looks I get because in everybody’s mind I should not have roseaca.
    Anyway, my skin feels on fire most of the time. I have been on Tetracycline for a while but not now. It seemed to help some. I also use Metrolotion daily. But I still have the red inflammed looking skin. I have seen several different things advertised on the internet but am hesitant to try especially if it is topical. What do you recommend? Thanks and keep up the good work.

  19. robbin says:

    i am experiencing redness in the facial area with burning and not hot to the touch when I am in the wind just for one minute. I am 45 years old and I smoke and have alcohol(L.I.lced tea) on the weekend and once during the week.

    What will help? or what can I try? should I try Eucerin redness relief soothing night cream?

    Please help

    I am not a diabetic or have any other health issues.

    Thank you Robbin

  20. cara says:

    Digital Dave, this site is so great. I want to try that seabuckthorn cream, I guess I better find where to buy it, I will keep looking around on this site.

    Just thought I would post an update since my rosacea flared out of control a few months ago and I thought I was going to die. I started trying just about every “cure” and aid I could afford. From boron, to apple cider vinegar, to supplements including niacinimide, primrose oil, vit a, zinc, mag, c, b’s, olive leaf and beta glucan, etc. I haven’t tried all that I want but I am on overload. Unfortunately, when you do too many things it’s hard to say what works but when I started the metro gel, along with an anti inflamation diet (Dr. Perricone’s 29 day anti inflamatory diet; try it for three days and see if it helps) and continued the supplements, (manage about 5 out of 7 days, everyday doesn’t seem possible) I did get relief.

    That means no more honey in my green tea, (switching now to herbal chamomile only, no more caffiein) no more potatoes, fried or otherwise, no more rice, brown or white, and of course no sugar at all. No hard cheeses, very little dairy except cottage cheese and yogurt in small doses, well, you can look it up. If I accidently get something (sugar in a salad dressing for instance) I immediately get a flush happening. If I lose control and eat hard candies on my way out of the Daily Grill or some other restaurant well, I pay for it the next day. I figure I have to heal the skin, and the gut and that may include candida, so anti fungals are included in my supplements.

    I am on my way for a one week fast of raw foods and sprouts along with colonics as part of my “program” of healing. I don’t mind eating well if I have plenty of choices so making sure I have healthy food I can eat handy is sooo important. NO popcorn at the movies (I bring green apples, carrots etc.) Oh and I am eating a lot of WILD salmon, according to Perricone’s diet. A little quinoa and oatmeal is okay.

    Finding moisturizers has been tricky, but I found a tube of Physician’s formula tinted moisturizing cream that seems to be working now, after washing with Cetaphil. I also then brush on some Bare Minerals and that has been covering nicely. The cosmetics are all new as of this week so who knows if it will last but I am getting burned out on the money spent and hope I can use it up until it is gone. I even got vaseline, and am using it judiciously. So far it’s okay. They really try to get you at the cosmetic counters in the dept stores but I ask for samples and see how I tolerate them. Clarins sample extra moisturizing foundation seems to be okay but I will wait until I am feeling flush with some extra money.

    I know the next layer is stress, and as I am having intense family issues, elderly sick mother, evil siblings issues, I know I have to combat that. Then of course there is the hormone issue, having just turned fifty. Yeah, it’s all hard. But I am motivated. Walking a few days a week helps but I know I need some yoga or other stretching excercises.

    Wish me luck. I wish all of you luck.

    Santa Monica

  21. redhead says:

    For anyone who has severe flushing/burning I sympathise……Its the most awful feeling and you cant go out as normal as your face is on fire all the time. I got IPL laser and hand on heart-it was the best thing-after a few sessions no more burning. Its expensive but so so worth it… I use Facedoctor soap (which has seabuckthorn oil) and MD Cleanser with glycolic acid (not together) and also Rosex Gel and Minocin if I get flare up.

    Hope this helps someone suffering from horrible Rosacea

  22. Eliud Martínez says:

    I sent you an email. Please let me know if you receive it. You are welcome to post it on your website.


  23. Valerie says:

    Just wanted to put it out there that I have suffered with rosacea for eight years now and have had not one bit of success getting rid of it, or shall I say, maintaining it!!
    I have tried every perscribable ointment, gel and medication from all different doctors… Nothing ever got rid of it.
    I am now 30yrs old and attending college, which will be ending in three months and have been stressing out, trying to resolve the horrible appearance of my face for when I join the worforce, once again!!
    A friend in class told me how she used to have this really bad and that she had a doctor who suggested she try a fungial shampoo!!
    Of course, the sensitivity of my facial skin, you can imagine the truly genuine fear I had with trying something else foreign on my poor face.
    My face at this point was so bad that it was literally huge welts on my face glowing red burning like crazy and some acne, to top it all off!!! WONDERFUL.
    I am seriously tired of holding my head in shame of what my face looks like to other people-which I know was horrible.
    Ok, so heres the deal…. I eventually tried it…the shampoo is called Nizorol…. I only wash the affected area with a thin layer of the shampoo, once lathered on area, I let it sit there for a minute and then rinse it off…
    Thats it…. I did this twice a day until it was gone, now I do it at the first spot of it and it is gone within days…
    As well, this really dries out the skin, so at night, I use a moisturizer on it.
    I haven’t had such a clear face in forever!
    I have been living in such embarrasment for so long… I actually feel good about myself again-despite all my other flaws ha ha ha, can’t find a shampoo for them!!!
    If I am able to help even one person with this-that would make me feel like a million dollars!! I truely know how depressed this made me feel for so long…
    Hope this helps someone out there.

  24. Karen Sisson says:

    Hi Dave
    I have just been diagnosed with Rosacea. I am 47 and I think that it has been triggered by the peri-menopause. Thankfully I do not have flushing, mainly a patch of spots near my nose which do not go away and ocular as my eyes are very dry and gritty. I realise now that my father has had rosacea for years untreated and has gone on to develop the nobbly nose rhinophyma. I am paranoid that I will also develop this as my nose is going red and has strange sensations in it.
    I have been given Rosex and an anti-biotic. I have also changed my diet as I have nerve tingling from the peri-menopause also and I can feel the effects of food on this, especially wine and bread and carbs. Looks like my body does not like histamine.
    Do you think that if, heaven forbid, I develop rhinophyma it can be improved with surgery?


  25. Hi Karen,

    Thankfully rhinophyma is rare, mostly in men and develops over many years. So you are quite unlikely to develop it.

    Oral isotretinoin is one possible treatment should you start to develop early stages, but this is a drug that you of course need the close support of a specialist to take.

    There are surgery options but they are only required for the most severe of cases which are thankfully rare.

    I don’t know of any studies that show that you can stop rhinophyma developing over time, but it seems like a reasonable guess that if you reduce the amount of frequency of facial flushing then you might reduce your risk.


  26. Karen Sisson says:

    Hi Dave

    many thanks for your prompt reply! Looks like I will just have to keep my fingers crossed re the nose and do my best to stop it happening. At least having to watch what I eat should help me to lose some weight.

    Many thanks

  27. louise says:

    I have had rosacea for too long and saw many doctors. I am at my wits end and don’t know what to do. The doctors take it lightly and I have tried just about everything and spent a fortune. Does Intense Light Therapy help and where do I get it?

    Thank you,

  28. Akash says:

    Hey david

    Finally saw your picture.You look so great and of course,normal!(touchwood).
    I wish i have a nose like you one day.Even I’ve got rosacea.

    What is the tropical thing you mentioned in your article?
    Do you have papules and pustules now?even occasionally?
    Im 16 right now.Will my rosacea become worse with age?
    im treating it right now.Is there a possibility that the redness will fade away with age?or will get worse?

    Once again..nice picture! 🙂


  29. Thanks Akash,

    The interview was quite a while ago now. The topical I was referring to was Cutanix DRL. Sadly it is not currently available to purchase. I have heard some rumours that it might be available again. Lets hope that that is true.

    It is impossible to say whether redness will get worse with age. If you are able to reduce your exposure to your triggers and are able to protect your skin then you stand a good chance of reversing your symptoms, though.


  30. Sharon Wells says:

    Hello David ….

    This is how i manage my lovely red face! I wash with Clinique redness solution cleanser, then use Avene Cicalfate all over my face, its wondeful for the spots and promotes a healthy skin and only £8 a tube last for a long time, then i use Clinique SPF 30 Face cream , then after a little while i add Clinique city block sheer SPF 25. My skin is very dry and if use only the city block i find its not enough…by using the other face sun cream as well i get a very happy skin and the city block has a tint to it which hides the redness perfectly.
    I have tried so many products and this trio of creams works wonders for me. The Cicalfate contains zinc and copper sulfrate and is amazing at healing my skin. This the best i have found for me..not saying for everyone but do give it a try.

  31. Murray says:

    I have recently had three treatments of veinwave and had mixed results with removing broken capillaries. This website does not contain any information on veinwave and I was wondering why?

    I would also like to know if IPL laser treatments actual promotes the growth of new capillaries to come to the skins surface around the nose and checks?

    Recently went to a GP promoting the use of limelight laser. He was stated that laser do not promote damage to capillaries. However, I constantly read conflicting advice on the internet. Can you please help

  32. Hi Murray,

    Veinwave is not talked about much nor has there been anything in the literature about it so there has been little reason for it to be discussed.

    IPL should not promote the growth of new vessels, but maintenance treatments may be required around yearly to maintain any benefit. With IPL, different filters to the IPL head allow the doctor to address different sized vessels.

    I don’t know enough to comment on limelight lasers, sorry.

  33. Dennis says:

    Hello David:

    Thanks so much for all your efforts in launching this latest version of the Rosacea Support Group website. It’s very informative and well laid-out.

    Do you know of a Rosacea support group in San Diego – a group that actually meets in-person? At your convenience, please advise.

    Dennis, aka KC
    San Diego, CA

  34. Hi Dennis,

    There are in actual fact very few face-to-face rosacea groups around the world. I think the rise of the internet as a support medium has pretty much seen the demise of meeting in the same room, at least for rosacea.

    I don’t know of anything in San Diego, but if anyone does know they are most welcome to post to let us know.

    all the best,

  35. Robbie says:

    My rosacea has never been diagnosed, but I am sure that is what I have. I have always, always used lots of heavy makeup to cover this, but frequently was embarrassed by a bright red flush on my upper chest and neck, but did not put make up there after trying that once because it would get on my clothes. Now I am 77 years old, having had a stroke and then triple bypass surgery at age 72 making me have to retire. Now I never wear make up on my face. It is so lovely to not have to wear make up. I used to use really hot water to help remove the makeup. I lived in a hot climate for most of my life – Texas. Now I live in southern Florida. still hot. My face looks really red with lots of broken tiny red blood vessels and if I am in a hot room it gets a lot redder. I sometimes hear ignorant people who are so rude that they say things to let me know that they think I am or was an alcoholic, or to imply to others with them that that is what they think, such as remarks about liver damage or more directly about drinking. This was hard to take, but I will not go back to wearing make up, and now I do not even care about such stupid remarks. I do not have to prove anything to anyone else now that I am retired, and even before that I was able to work at home (medical transcriptionist) quite a while before I retired.

  36. FAHAD says:

    Good morning
    I’m from Saudi Arabia.I got Rhinophyma.I’d like to be treated by laser.Could you please inform me what the first step I should take.


  37. john says:

    My daughter, who is only 7 years old, has been diagnosed with the children’s version of Rosacea. The dermatologist noticed the pattern and said it wasn’t ‘slapped cheek’ disease as we had been previously informed.
    It’s been very difficult for her for the past 6 months when she first showed symptoms. We tried Elidel for a couple of weeks but it seemed to make it worse – redder. Is Oracea and Metrogel and option for someone that young? This is one of the hardest things we’ve had to walk thru as a family. Anyone else have kids with this?
    thank you

  38. Terrance Wilson says:

    Have Rosacea. I have used Prascion skin cleanser: sodium sulfacetamide 10% and sulfur 5% for many years. At first I used Plexion but switched due to the very high price.

    I have had great success with using only PRASCION. For me a terrific product.

    I cannot get it now !
    I called the manufacture in Montreal , Canada to ask why they are not making it any more. Thery did not reply.

    Can you offer any ideas.

    Thank you


  39. Kristina says:

    I am asking about Soolantra how interact with SAFE-LASER theraphy?
    Is Soolantra Creme FOTOSENSIBILE? or have it FOTODINAMIA?

    I am waiting your quick answer,
    Many thanks


  40. Banu says:

    Hello David,
    I have been reading and reading several information about Rosacea in internet and finally happy to find you :).Thanks so much for launching such a website. I would be very glad to have your opinion on my case. I am 11 weeks of pregnant, it is my first pregnancy. Since last 5 weeks I have alot of red bumbs and inflmation on my face. very icthy, burning and multipliying day by day. I have visitied a skin doctor and she said that this is Rosacea. unfortuntally I cannot receive any treatment, use oral medicine since I am pregnant.

    I would appreciate if you can let me know which type of product I can use without any harm.
    I live in Stockholm/Sweden, do you know is there any community or work done about Rosacea here

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon
    Thank you very much

    • Hi Banu,

      I think you will find almost everyone will become even more conservative in their medical advice for expecting patients. I am not a doctor so don’t offer medical advice. I can only encourage you to find a doctor who will support you in your quest to manage the risk and benefits of all topical and systemic treatments available for rosacea. I wish you all the best.

      In general there are so few face to face groups for rosacea support around the world. People turn to online groups as their first choice now it seems.


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