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The 66th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology is due to take place in San Antonio, TX, from Feb 1-5. Of most interest to rosacea sufferers is the poster sessions where recently published research and related products are promoted to dermatologists. Based on the proposed poster sessions, the following look interesting.

P400: Successful treatment of the erythema and flushing of rosacea using a topically applied selective α1 adrenergic receptor agonist, oxymetazoline.

Related Publication: Sansrosa’s sister to enter redness race

P103: Assessment of a sonic skin care brush used as part of a skin care regime and as an adjunct to prescription treatments for rosacea.

Looks to be related to the Clairsonic Skin Care Sytem.

P116: Facial tolerance of a feverfew-PFE-containing daily moisturizer regimen in mild to moderate rosacea patients.

Perhaps related to the Active Naturals Feverfew, Aveeno Ultra Calming products.

P108: Management of rosacea in the US: Analysis based on recent prescribing patterns and insurance claims

Looks to related to this just published paper perhaps:

Healthcare Utilization and Costs of Patients with Rosacea in an Insured Population , Michael Romanowicz DMD RPh, Judith J Stephenson SM, James Q. Del Rosso DO, Greg Lenhart MS

Rosacea is a chronic, relapsing dermatologic condition that affects an estimated 14 million people in the US. However, there is little data in the literature on the healthcare utilization and costs of patients with rosacea in insured populations.

Conclusions: This is the first extensive study of rosacea and its impact on healthcare utilization and costs in an insured population. Although rosacea is a common illness that does not have much financial impact on its sufferers, rosacea patients incurred slightly higher direct total healthcare costs than matched controls.

P1111: From theory to practice: The triad of rosacea care

P109: Early signs and frequency of inflammatory lesions – Can we predict the next pimple?

P209: Multi-center, clinical evaluation of a broad spectrum sunscreen moisturizer containing a new photostable UVA/UVB complex for treatment of photodamaged facial skin.

P215: Skin benefits of a retinol-containing daily moisturizer with photostable SPF 30

Stay tuned to see if full abstracts are published closer to the meeting date.

Update: the proposed Poster Exhibit Session are available from the AAD website at Poster Exhibits.

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4 Reader Comments

  1. Ben says:

    Hi Dave,

    Could you post the link of where this schedule or posters are listed?

  2. Hi Ben,

    I updated the main article with a link to the PDF.


  3. ellen libonati says:

    Hello. my seven year old has been diagnoised with rosecea. i was told by peditritian there is no treatment. my son has it all over his neck especially left shoulder chest and left arm. he has plaques not pimples and postules. what should i do. i feel so helpless

  4. Hello Ellen,

    Are you sure that this is rosacea ? It doesn’t sound like the typical symptoms for rosacea.


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