A Papule is a Gravestone for a Dead Demodex!


One of the foremost rosacea researchers, Dr. Frank Powell drops a wonderful bombshell in a recent DermatologyTimes piece.

Research suggests rosacea subtypes may be different conditions

… here could be breach of the follicular wall. Initially, the mites are tolerated, possibly by innate or induced immune tolerance (Forton FM. J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol. 2012;26(1):19-28),” Dr. Powell says.

But over time, “The mites produce an exaggerated immune response including lymphocytic infiltrate. Is the rosacea papule a gravestone for dead Demodex? We need to consider this issue” he adds.

Powell makes that point that rosacea could well be viewed as more to do with follicular inflammation and vascular inflammation.

We do know that rosacea sufferers have an elevated immune response to bacteria related to demodex mites.

Could there be some truth to the quip that a rosacea papule is a tombstone for a demodex mite ? Are we just seeing inflammation from a long dead, bacteria filled human follicle dwelling mite ? Hopefully research will soon be able to tell.

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10 Reader Comments

  1. DaveM says:

    This has long been my theory. I’m very glad to see that it is one that is, eventually, being taken more & more seriously by the community. I used to find the ‘push-back’ against the demodex theory highly frustrating, but thankfully it’s seems to be becoming less & less as it becomes more accepted.

  2. Grace Starcevich says:

    I have dug mites, eggs & pus out of papules or pustules so I happen to know this to be true!!! And…if anyone can point me in the direction of a decent open-minded doctor in Perth WA I would be eternally grateful.

    • a schultz says:

      Me too I used acv and saw the. Coming out of my pores, I couldn’t believe it.

      • a schultz says:

        Acv is apple cider vineger, full strength, burns but works within minutes. This works for acne like rosacea like I started to see on my face.

      • a schultz says:

        I used Apple cider vineger for my papsule rosacea. It burns but it worked for me. Worth the discomfort, I could see the mites on my face as I was applying the apple cider vineger, Braggs is the brand I buy.

    • Angela says:

      Grace- I live in perth and have the same problem. Did you have any luck?

      • Alexis Gipson says:

        Firstly, it is EXTREMELY hard to find a dermatologist who even believes that papsule rosacea has anything to with demodex mites. I tried so many otc ways to fight my rosacea. I fight it every day of my life for 5 years now.

  3. Erin says:

    I used athlete foot cream from the dollar tree and it is killing them in seconds. They are flooding to the top of my skin though but at least they are all dying it’s the first thing that really works. I have tried everything and it doesn’t burn.

  4. Alexis g says:

    I will try it, I am soooooo tired of dealing with this awful skin condition.

  5. Seana Jones says:

    I got bit in March, heard the buzz of whatever it was. No drain or stinger search/removal. By May, my eye was swollen, right cheek drooping, er sent me home with antibiotics, said nothing was eating me, per culture results. The bites on both cheeks hurt, itch, sting exactly like its a mite or a nit, eating my flesh to this day. Tea tree oil does draw these white, and tan circles out my pores. It’s an unbearable itch. They fester at least 3 times daily, and I have a container full of these organisms eating my face.
    Yes they try to dismiss my countenance, because nothing grew on the cultures. Yet I was hospitalized 4 days, because the ct scan revealed gases between the layers of skin. I hope this demodex infestation has not spread to my brain. My temples are swollen, hopefully not inflamed or being eaten by whatever pest is feeding on my face, follicles, etc. SMH.

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