5 Expert Tips for treating rosacea

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Thanks to an educational supplement in DermatologyTimes, we have access to 5 expert rosacea tips, or as they are called “treatment pearls”.

  1. Make sure to treat the skin barrier before initiating drug treatment. Patients need to avoid the use of alcohol-based products, as well as harmful soaps or toners, and focus on appropriate use of a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. 
  2. Look at all the visible manifestations of new and follow-up rosacea patients, and target your therapeutic approach to impact all of a patient’s symptoms. 
  3. Remind patients that rosacea is a chronic disease whose visible signs and symptoms will not resolve overnight. Patience is often necessary before significant gains are noted. 
  4. Rosacea medications are typically appropriate for specific rosacea clinical manifestations and do not address all of the signs of rosacea. Patients with multiple rosacea manifestations will typically require a combination of at least two agents to reach a clear status. 
  5. FDA-approved agents for the treatment of rosacea are generally appropriate for long-term treatment and, overall, do not need to be discontinued at a specified time point due to safety concerns. In fact, the chronic nature of rosacea suggests that long-term treatment is often the best approach in many patients.

Reader’s Tips

Here are some of the tips that have come in via email and facebook in response to this list – readers are sending in their own expert tips for beating rosacea.

Rebecca says.

If you happen to use Soolantra to treat your Rosacea, in addition to using it once a day as an all over treatment for the face, I also use it is a spot treatment for bigger rosacea, particularly those that hurt or are larger than normal.
I find this significantly helps.
Thanks Rebecca, Sydney, Aust.
Carol says.
I am not sure if responding to this email is the appropriate way to share what has helped me.
I was diagnosed at 74 years of age with a severe flare of rosacea including papules, pustules, and significant spider veins on and in my nose. I can’t do much about the veins on my nose and my insurance won’t cover the expensive creams and gels. I am unable to tolerate doxycycline at any dose. So I am using over the counter products and they are working quite well for me. They are Neem facial bar soap, topical spray probiotics (LiviaOne) after cleansing, topical pure 100% aloe gel (let dry well), The Ordinary (azelaic acid 10%) cream, and witch hazel with aloe (no alcohol). I use Dermablend cammoflage makeup with (titanium dioxide) to cover the spots and veins. I also take 50 mg of zinc gluconate daily and high dose Omega 3 capsules. The improvement in my rosacea is quite dramatic, though I also have ocular rosacea which is much more difficult to treat and I am still struggling with that. I have shared my regimen with my dermatologists who were very interested in what I had done to improve the condition of my skin.
Hope you are able to share with your other subscriber’s to your newsletter.


Kathleen says.
I would say treat the root cause and not the symptoms, for which you should see not a dermatologist but a functional medicine doctor. That said, functional medicine doctors may not know the appropriate skin care treatment, so it’s best to address it from both/all angles.
Carol says.
My tips— wash face with Manuka honey and warm water. Three times a week, use Ocusoft OUST on eyelids and elsewhere on face as needed. Apply OTC sulphur cream available from Walgreens. Don’t freak out.
Sheila says.

Dear David Pascoe,

I appreciate Rosacea news. My Dad’s side of the family had rosacea. I was diagnosed by my doctor many years ago. I did antibiotics pill therapy(it left terrible side effects on my stomach which led to taking probiotics to straighten out), topical rx creams that increased stinging, irritation, redness.

I am fully confident to say after trying just about every cream, pill, wash, rx, non-rx, that 100%organic, natural brings the best healing and remission.

I wan to say that Selsym Blue(though not organic)moisturizing shampoo(I use Wal-Mart Equate brand around $5)with aloe is what I use 4 times a week. It is a good method of treatment. I use a very small amount and cleanse the face and neck(substituting for one face wash. IT DOES WORK.

Several washes that donot irritate or dry me out are: EO or Everyone Baby Calendula Wash, Everyone Baby Calendula Wash with Lavender(Both are about $8), Everyone Lavender and Aloe Wash(Just $9.99 at Wal-Mart), Triderma Pure Aloe(Gently smooth over face, wash off. $10).

Green tea DIY to spritz on face. Buy a cheap box of green tea(I got mine at Wal-Mart for 98 cents by Carrington 100% green tea). Just steep in a cup of water, I add lavender oil, vit.e oil because I have dry skin. Put in a spritzer bottle. Keep in fridge or add ice for on the go. I like to moisturize after.

I do get bumps, especially in summer, although, I have dry skin. I find that EO has a avocado, vit.e Day Serum that works lovely. I also take the Everyone Baby Calendula Lotion($7 to $8) and add a couple of drops of the Everyone Baby Calendula Baby oil($6)and mix, spread over face and neck.

Aveeno Baby Collodial Oatmeal for bath makes an excellent mask when mixed with water or DIY by taking you oatmeal, blend it finely in blender, make a paste using water.

The best organic , natural ingredients I find are 1.CALENDULA 2.ALOE 3.COLLODIAL OATMEAL 4.LAVENDER, ROSEHIP.

I hear that wearing sunscreen is essential and do in summer sometimes. Even the best ones tend to irritate, so my best defense is my big straw hat and longer sleeves, avoiding long amounts of time in heat really helps.

Now for the Fabulous cream. It is natural 100% organic made with Calendula. Morning Glory Farms makes it. I really recommend this. CALENDULA is my top favorite ingredient defense(depending on size you want, it starts at $9. They have a website for purchase.

I am not being paid or given stuff free to promote these products. This is all about what has helped me, Hope it will help others.

Oh, for those little rosacea bumps, I find Prosecea (yes, otc at Wal-Mart for around $7 and the website gives free coupons for $2 or $3 off). I only use this on bumps NOT all over and it is a natural product.

God Bless You,

What is your tip?

What tip would you offer to your fellow rosacea sufferers?

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4 Reader Comments

  1. Diana Chandler says:

    I started out with metrogel and Soolantra. After paying $150 (with insurance covering at least half of the cost) for a tube of Soolantra (lasted about 3 months using 1X daily), I decided to compound my own. I ordered ivermectin for oral administration to horses and diluted it to the approximately 1%, using a moisturizer. It worked just as well for me and is so much cheaper… plus no Rx needed. Eventually, I abandoned metrogel due to its drying effects. The inflammatory lesions rarely happen anymore but I do continue to have the dead-skin bumpy areas and occasional flushing. I clean with Simple miscellear water and sometimes use Thayer’s Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel (unscented). I am beginning to think I am stuck with the skin texture problem but glad for so much improvement with the red lesions.

  2. F Hamill says:

    I achieved good results in dealing with spots on my nose through using salcura products. Visit salcuraskincare.com a UK based company.

  3. Pia says:

    Lavender oil is a big NO! Google “lavender oil Paula’s Choice” or search it from Beautypedia. Far too fragranced oil for face, especially for skin with rosacea.

  4. Karen Kintz says:

    David Pascoe. Cannot find your fabulous cream or morning glory farms. Help.

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