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Cyclosporine as a treatment for neurogenic rosacea

There has been some relatively recent research into a possible variant of rosacea called neurogenic rosacea. Different from typical rosacea, papules, pustules, and swelling changes are not present in this group of patients. This short correspondences from DermatologicaSinica, the journal of the Dermatological Association of Taiwan documents 3 cases where patients with possible neurogenic rosacea […]

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DFD-29 on it’s way, now has an NDA

Journey Medical’s modified released 40mg minocycline (still code named DFD-29) has published positive Phase 3 Clinical Trial data and is now sitting waiting on a New Drug Application. The company press release touts the combination treatment for both the inflammatory lesions and the redness of rosacea. By comparison, Oracea, the competing product that DFD-29 claims […]

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