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Severe rosacea treated with Accutane, Prednisolone, Azithromycin, Mirvaso, and Metrogel

This paper from Drugs R&D, details an extensive treatment regimen undertaken to deal with a patient with a severe case of rosacea. Click the photo above for a larger view of their symptoms and how they improved over time. Note that only one side of their face was treated with Mirvaso in the hours before […]

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Best Practices for Treating Rosacea

This paper, a sponsored supplement in the DermatologyTimes is detailing the latest and greatest treatments for rosacea. Drs. Baldwin, Bhatia, Del Rosso, Stein-Gold, and Webster are asked a series of questions relating to their clinical experience in treating rosacea. Best Practices in the Treatment of Rosacea In this Dermatology Times supplement, a group of experts in […]

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Mirvaso and Rhofade are very different indeed

Some laboratory based research has for the first time given us a highly detailed view of the method of action of 2 recently approved treatments for the redness of rosacea. The two treatments, brimonidine based Mirvaso, and oxymetazoline based Rhofade have been shown by this research to differ in their method of action. Although brimonidine […]

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Rhofade may come with a heart valve damage risk

A recently published paper that seeks to compare the actions of oxymetazoline (Rhofade) and brimonidine (Mirvaso) has raised a possible safety issue with the action of oxymetazoline. The paper states the safety issue as; As the 5-HT2B receptor is potentially involved in drug-induced valvulopathy, the benefit/risk ratio (of Rhofade ed.) should be carefully considered, especially in […]

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5 Expert Tips for treating rosacea

Thanks to an educational supplement in DermatologyTimes, we have access to 5 expert rosacea tips, or as they are called “treatment pearls”. Make sure to treat the skin barrier before initiating drug treatment. Patients need to avoid the use of alcohol-based products, as well as harmful soaps or toners, and focus on appropriate use of […]

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