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Who should NOT use Rhofade

RHOFADE has just been approved by the FDA and some of the information that is typically included in the RHOFADE Prescribing Information is now available. The PI for a prescription treatment includes a list of pre-existing medical conditions that might preclude one from using this treatment, and a list of possible adverse reactions. All treatments […]

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Will RHOFADE work for me ?

  So RHOFADE has been approved by the FDA and will be available in the United States from May 2017. What does the published trial data suggest about the likelihood of RHOFADE being a winning treatment for your red face?Two clinical trials comparing RHOFADE to an inactive gel produced similar results, so rosacea sufferers can have […]

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RHOFADE approved by the FDA

Good news to start 2017, and as predicted, the FDA has approved Allergan’s RHOFADE. Yes they are going to use uppercase and scream RHOFADE at us everytime we see the product name. Allergan says that RHOFADE will be available for commercial supply starting May 2017 in the United States. Allergan Announces FDA Approval Of RHOFADE […]

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Eucrisa approved for Eczema

Not strictly a treatment for rosacea, but it is interesting to note that this just-approved drug for the treatment of atopic dermatitis is the first new treatment in 10 years. The way that crisaborole works to inhibit the PDE-4 enzyme active in eczema is not known – sound familiar ? A few proven rosacea treatments […]

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