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Micellar Water: Cleansing without rinsing

The idea of cleansing without using water, or at least not rinsing with water is not a new, but one that might be worth considering if you suffer from rosacea. If you are finding it difficult to use a regular water based cleanser, or perhaps you are at your wits end with sensitive skin that […]

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Demodex Mites are as old a human origins

Lots of press coverage in the last couple of weeks about some startling discoveries borne out of mtDNA analysis of demodex mites in 80 subjects. The discovery uncovered by this research is that the genetic type of mite variety seems to be exclusively passed from parent to child in much the same way as DNA […]

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Patent reveals possible Oracea successor

A patent application has emerged that proposed what might be an improvement to the doxycycline based Oracea treatment for rosacea. The patent seeks to create a sub-antibiotic dose formulation of doxycycline that is less susceptible to what it calls the `food effect’. Food effect refers to food-drug interactions which lead to either a decrease or […]

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Ivermectin is a very useful drug indeed

Rosacea sufferers have become increasingly familiar with Ivermectin in recent years since the development of the rosacea treatment Soolantra. Clinical trials first came to rosacea sufferers’ notice in 2006 when trials started for CD5024 in Australia. The slow research and development process saw this active molecule formulated into a 1% cream, trialed extensively and then […]

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Mirvaso as indicator of sun damage redness

A novel clinical use for Mirvaso has been proposed by an article in the Australasian Journal of Dermatology. Researchers are suggesting that Mirvaso can been used to differentiate between the redness associated with rosacea and the redness of sun damaged skin. If the redness improves after application of Mirvaso then sun damage can be eliminated […]

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