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Severe Mirvaso Rebound Redness: Dermatitis Medicamentosa

(Click image for a larger view). (Left) One hour following application of Mirvaso with initial blanching and improvement of baseline erythema. (Right) Twelve hours following application of Mirvaso with significant increase in baseline erythema. A recently published short article in Dermatology Online Journal is proposing the use of the term Dermatitis Medicamentosa to describe one […]

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Honevo Kanuka Honey proven to help Rosacea Sufferers

A poster session at the just completed 2015 AAD Meeting in San Francisco has published some results that show a special formulation of Kanuka Honey is able to benefit rosacea sufferers. The information around this announcement tells us that a `large clinical trial has proved that Honevo, a medical grade kanuka honey formulation, developed by […]

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A session at the recent 2015 AAD meeting in San Francisco offered the following summary of the status of the development of the Finacea Foam product. Probably the most interesting new bit of information is that Finacea Foam is expected to approved in August this year. What’s New in Rosacea Therapy? Zoe Diana Draelos, MD […]

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