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Galderma offers physicians advice for Mirvaso Rebound Redness

Galderma have added a page to the Mirvaso web site to guide doctors dealing with the potential for “rebound” by users of Mirvaso. This would seem to confirm that Galderma is aware that there are users of MIRVASO who are experiencing adverse events. The use of double quotes around “rebound” and “worsening” is interesting and […]

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New adverse allergic contact reaction to Mirvaso noted in JAAD

The latest edition of the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology lists an exchange by letter detailing a contact dermatitis allergic reaction to Mirvaso. The adverse reaction was found by the doctors to be caused by the main active ingredient in Mirvaso, Brimonidine. The writers of the letter to the JAAD caution other doctors that […]

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Laropiprant (MK-0524) fails as a treatment for a red face

We don’t often get to see research results published that show a proposed new treatment doesn’t work. It make sense that researchers and pharmaceutical companies would rather see their research and development efforts succeed and lead only to new products. A clinical trial for MK-0524, Merck’s designation for their product known as Laropiprant, has confirmed […]

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Ivermectin better than Metrogel 0.75% for papules and pustules

Some just published research from the Ivermectin Phase III study group suggests that Ivermectin 1% cream once a day is better than Metronidazole 0.75% twice a day at treating the papules and pustules of rosacea. The British Journal of Dermatology paper tells us that although both Ivermectin and Metronidazole did lead to a reduction in […]

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Rossoseq gets some publicity from the Irish Examiner

Some friendly words from the Irish Examiner recently seeking to create an Irish link to the topical treatment known as Rossoseq. According to the article Rossoseq is being made available firstly in Ireland. Rossoseq has been associated with a mild reduction in redness in a small trial of 10 users. What is Rossoseq? The product […]

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