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Galderma Patent Portfolio: Dipyridyl Compounds

The pharmaceutical giant Galderma continues to build its war chest of rosacea patents. A newly surfaced patent covers treating rosacea with a dipyrdyl compound. A brief online search for Galderma-assigned patents that mention rosacea reveals almost 2000 matches, with about 11,000 patents being assigned to Galderma Research & Development overall. These numbers are likely to be […]

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Ultra Sonic Ultherapy for Red Cheeks being Trialled

A newly listed clinical trial details how the Ulthera System will be trialled as a treatment for the redness of rosacea. Trialists will receive `dual depth’ treatments (called Ultherapy) to their cheeks and subsequently assessed on how well it improves the redness associated with their rosacea. Ultherapy is an ultra sonic treatment that is said […]

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Sol-Gel Releases E-BPO Phase 2 Trial Notes

In July 2009 we learned that Ness Ziona, Israel based Sol-Gel was trialing a supposed Benzoyl Peroxide derivate DER 45 EV for the treatment of rosacea. Sol-Gel was granted Investigational New Drug Application for DER45-EV in November 2009, which allowed Sol-Gel to undertake Phase 2 Trials. DER45-EV has been licensed to a US based Pharmaceutical […]

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Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals Trialing Anatabloc (Anatabine) for Rosacea

A newly listed clinical trial will examine the safety the product known as Anatabloc as well as how it affects the appearance of rosacea skin. According to the wikipedia article Anatabine is “one of the minor alkaloids found in plants in the Solanaceae family, which includes the tobacco plant and tomato that has been shown […]

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