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I have been contacted by Yvonne Law from Biometrix, who are looking for volunteers in San Francisco who are interesting in trialing a new product from a well known cosmetic company. The product is a “facial SPF with green tint corrector to reduce facial redness”. The company says that this product is “now being researched […]

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Allergan Developing Oxymetazoline (AGN-199201/V-101) Cream Formulations

A recently surfaced patent application shows that Allergan are continuing to protect their intellectual property around their proposed Oxymetazoline based facial redness treatment. This patent application relates to the technology and inventions used to create a suitable cream formulation of oxymetazoline. It covers how to make the cream so that it is effective, tolerated, is […]

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Xeomin (Botulinum Toxin Type A) being Trialled as a Rosacea Treatment

The BOTOX relative Xeomin is to be trialled as a treatment on the cheeks of rosacea sufferers. We are not told in the trial description if the rosacea symptom of interest is the flushing or blushing associated with rosacea, but this can probably be taken as a given. Just 10 patients will be involved in […]

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Elevated Proteins in The Skin of Ocular Rosacea Sufferers

  The following abstract details some research that was undertake to characterise what is happening in ocular rosacea. There is currently no accepted diagnostic test for rosacea. Some History Rosacea News first highlighted a possible diagnostic test for ocular rosacea in late 2005. The article from the Journal of Proteome Research concluded that “The high […]

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