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Treating Rosacea with Collagen (Matricol)

Matricol, which is freeze dried sheets of collagen, is another example of a hopeful rosacea treatment emerging in a patent application. This time a health care company in Germany is patenting the use of collagen as a treatment for skin diseases including rosacea. The assignee is Dr. Suwelack Skin & Health Care AG in Billerbeck, […]

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OK the title is a bit of a stretch as currently there is no such product as Metrofoam, but keep reading to see where I’m coming from. Last year a patent surfaced, owned by Galderma, claiming rights to a “stable, metronidazole-based oil-in-water emulsion expandable into a topically applicable foam having a firm, creamy and light […]

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Demodex Bacteria Protein Response Isolated

Hot on the heels of a paper detailing the fact that demodex bacteria-based proteins inhibit corneal wound recovery, is this paper consolidating a direct relationship between an immune response and facial and ocular rosacea. Recent research from 2007 has isolated 2 proteins from the bacteria from Bacillus oleronius, that stimulate inflammatory cells in rosacea sufferers. Proteins […]

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Counting Demodex Mites with  a Confocal Laser Microscope

This paper describes a new way of counting facial demodex mites. A type of microscope called a Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope was used to look for `roundish or lengthy cone-shaped structures’ on the skin, and these were counted as demodex mites. This type of approach is less invasive than a scraping or biopsy. Thus rosacea […]

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Tanda Luxe (Red LEDs) for Facial Wrinkles and Cheek Rosacea

A clinical trial has been listed for the Tanda Luxe, a Red LED device that is to be used as a treatment for wrinkles and facial rosacea, especially on the cheeks. The Tända Luxe is approved by the FDA for over-the-counter treatment of wrinkles, rhytides and fine lines around the eye region. The trial will […]

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