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As researchers try to further describe exactly what is going on in rosacea, more tiny bits of information arise. Here, this abstract is telling us that; Ferritin positive cells are much more prevalent in rosacea sufferers Severe rosacea sufferers have significantly more ferritin positive cells Blood peroxide levels are higher in rosacea sufferers Total anti-oxidative […]

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CD5024 Cream in Phase 3 Trials (Ivermectin 1%)

Galderma has another rosacea-targeted treatment, until now undisclosed, in the final stages of approval. Hey – how come no one told me? Could it be possible that the rosacea heavyweight Galderma has kept a new product so secret? What is this CD5024? Just what exactly is this CD5024 1% Cream? Galderma always give code names […]

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The Daily Mail continues its interest in rosacea treatments with an article about an unnamed glaucoma treatment that has been formulated as a gel treatment for the redness of rosacea. Of course we know this treatment as Sansrosa. Other names we have seen over the years include COL-118 and CD07805/47. The active ingredient in the […]

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Ocular Rosacea Video Worth a Watch

Thanks to a tip from Dori, on the Rosacea Support Group Email Group, here is a link to a video of a lecture giving a good overview of ocular rosacea and treatments. Ocular Rosacea: Curse of the Celts and Celebs The presentation is given by Heather Potter, MD, an Ophthalmologist from the University of Wisconsin […]

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Finacea matches the pH of Skin so Penetrates Well

We know that the pH of skin is around 5.4. The makers of Finacea, Intendis have formulated Finacea to be pH of 4.8, which means that Finacea is reasonably close to the same pH as skin. One of the ingredients of Finacea is sodium hyroxide, which is alkaline, so can be used to adjust the […]

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