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Demodex Infestation: the Missing Link ?

Firmly in the pure speculation category is a recent paper that proposes that pityriasis folliculorum (or demodex mite infestation) is the missing link in our understanding of rosacea. Plainly put, Dr. Forton, a dermatologist from Belgium, suggests that rosacea is a two stage disease where 1) demodex mites are allowed to proliferate unchecked and then 2) […]

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NRS highlights Neurologic form of Rosacea

The NRS Blog today mentions the recent publications that raise a possible new Subset of Rosacea. Even though this is just a passing reference, it is good to see that the NRS is willing to openly consider changes to the Standard Rosacea Classification. As the NRS was responsible for the assembling the expert committee that […]

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An unusual patent has surfaced that is suggesting the oral use of azelaic acid. Azelaic Acid is better known as the active ingredient in the topical finacea. This patent suggests an oral treatment that combines niacinamide with azelaic acid. The owner of the patent, Elorac is known from their recent trials of Carbamide Peroxide as […]

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Some news today from the Phase 2B Sansrosa Trials; Galderma is now confirming that during the 8 week trial, participants did not suffer from tachyphylaxis or rebound. This means that if you stop and start sanrosa or continue to use it for an extended period you likely won’t suffer from a rebound effect or from […]

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Merck Trialling Laropiprant for the Redness of Rosacea

A product from Merck designated as MK-0524, also known as Laropiprant, is to be trialled as a treatment for the redness of rosacea. This is great news for rosacea sufferers as MK-0524/Laropiprant will now join Sansrosa and Oxymetazoline which are already in development for this mostly ignored group of rosacea symptoms. Trialists will take either […]

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