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Melanin also Protects You from Radiation !

Startling news today from the Clinuvel Blog: Melanin also has the ability to protect from radioactive emissions like X-rays and Gamma-rays. How interesting that the chemical that is responsible for skin coloring can also offer protection from high energy particles. These sorts of particles can create free radicals that then lead to all sorts of […]

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Mylan Violates The Chang Patent for Oracea

Another step in the ongoing battle between Galderma and Mylan over the right to manufacture generic Oracea. A judge has declared that Mylan infringes 1 of the patents that protects Oracea from generic copies. Some History In July 2010, Mylan was banned from selling generic Oracea, despite having regulatory approval, pending the outcome of the […]

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How Much Sunscreen Should I Use?

Another fabulous data visualisation from Information is Beautiful. This time David McCandless tackles the thorny issue of How Much Suncreen Should I Wear ? The Sunscreen Smokescreen July 11, 2011 It started with a question. It always does. This time, the question was simple: How much sunscreen should I wear? I’m a pale geek who […]

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NRS Funds New Rosacea Studies for 2011

In the Summer 2011 Rosacea Review, The National Rosacea Society announced that they are funding 3 studies in new areas of rosacea research. This is great news; not only is the NRS continuing to fund 5 existing studies, it is funding the 3 new research areas. 1. PACAP and Rosacea Dr. Ferda Cevikbas will be […]

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NRS Continues Leading Edge Research Funding

The National Rosacea Society recently announced that they will be continuing to fund 5 existing rosacea research streams. Confirming their faith in the on-going NRS sponsored research, the NRS has announced additional funding to the following researchers. 1. Dr. Richard Gallo – Cathelicidins The NRS is also continuing to fund studies by Dr. Richard Gallo […]

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