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9 New Drugs in Development for Rosacea

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America tells us that there are currently 9 drugs in development for rosacea. I was initially curious as to how they counted nine. Surely this number is too few ? Rosacea News follows new drugs very closely to see which ones are bubbling to the top and show the […]

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Why Do New Drugs take SO LONG to be Developed?

For everyone waiting on the latest and greatest new treatment for rosacea, new drugs seem to take forever to make it to the market. Taking a step back and looking at new drug development in general, it is very sobering to read how few drugs actually make it to an approved product; THE DRUG DISCOVERY […]

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A popular topic online at the various rosacea forums is to guess when Sansrosa will become available. So far all guesses have proved way way too optimistic. Given that we believe that the process is in the later stages of Phase III, what sort of best outcome possible, educated guess might be worth offering up? […]

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Riversol: From idea to a Rosacea Product

I thought this article from the Vancouver Sun was quite interesting from the point of view of developing new products for rosacea sufferers. Just how do you get from something that you think might work, to a product that all rosacea sufferers can use? Clinical trials can take millions of dollars and dozens of years […]

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Galderma blocking Impax making Generic Oracea

The last we heard from Impax Laboratories was in late 2009 when they had filed an Abbreviated New Drug  Application (ANDA 91-447) to produce a generic version of Oracea. A recent filing in  Delaware shows Galderma attempting to block the production of Generic Oracea by invoking the protection of Patent 7,749,532. Galderma claim that this […]

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