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This short abstract from Dr. Richard Gallo is an introduction to an article further on in the journal edition from Dr. Ahrens et al. Gallo’s interest is piqued by the possibility of a coordinated defense effort from the permeability and antimicrobial barriers of the skin. Ahrens was able to show that certain Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs), […]

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This abstract suggests that dry eye may be an early sign of ocular rosacea. Tear function tests could help the early diagnosis of ocular rosacea, according to the authors. Currently there is no definitive diagnostic test for ocular rosacea, it is based on clinical symptoms. One proposed diagnostic test is high abundance of oligosaccharides in […]

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In all of your internet searching for treatments, have you ever come across a FDA approved, prescription-only treatment that claims to have no active ingredients ? Would you stop and think What is that all about? Well I did. The supporting web site for Promiseb Topical Cream  (online at contains a very interesting insight […]

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An unusually useful article about Blepharitis today from The Herald Times Reporter, Manitowoc, Wisconsin. ( Itchy, sandy feeling in eyelids may be blepharitis Question: What causes my eyelids to be itchy and sandy in the mornings? Answer: The most likely cause of your symptoms is something called blepharitis, or inflammation of the eyelids, and is […]

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Sansrosa starts Phase 3 Trials (again)

News today that Galderma has listed CD07805/47 as entering large scale Phase III trials. Under the previous owners of the Brimonidine-based technology Collagenex, the product then known as Sansrosa was previously slated to commence Phase 3 Trials at the end of 2008. The last news we heard about this product was in August last year […]

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