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A recently updated patent, assigned to Galderma suggests a rosacea topical comprising “at least one compound of the avermectin family and benzoyl peroxide”. This is an unusual (or novel, depending on your viewpoint I suppose) pairing of ingredients for a topical treatment for rosacea symptoms. If you search patents online you can also find applications […]

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Book Review: Acne and Rosacea The Complete Guide, Alison Bowser

  Author: Alison Bowser Review Date: December 2010 We can read via twitter (and in the acknowledgments) that this book was proof read by Dr. Edward Seaton. Available at The book is written in 3 parts – 1. Acne (135 pages), 2. Rosacea (25 pages) and 3. Caring for Acne and Rosacea Skin (39 pages). […]

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Now that 2010 is over, a quick look at the overall most popular pages on Most Popular Posts Overall The following 10 web site pages were the most popular overall for the year: Photos of Red Nose, Papules, Pustules, acne like rosacea How to Cure a Red Face (facial erythema or redness) Clinique Redness […]

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