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SkinMedica Redness Relief CalmPlex launches to replace Cutanix DRL

We were tipped off by a comment on the blog posting about Cutanix going offline, to the possible future availability of a Cutanix like product. The commenter, who works for SkinMedica told us that; skincarejunkie Bioform was sold to Merz Aesthetics. In that sale Cutanix was sold to SkinMedica. They will launch the product this […]

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AAD: your Vitamin D should come from diet, not the sun

Thanks for the tip from the Clinuvel Blog. The AAD has issued an Updated Position Statement on Vitamin D. The AAD’s position is that there is NO SAFE THRESHOLD for sun or indoor tanning exposure, and that we ought to get our recommended daily allowance for Vitamin D from our diet. This is big news. […]

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Sansrosa delayed, sufferers make their own Brimonidine, BEWARE

The path from the laboratory for Sansrosa / COL-118 / CD07805/47 to a product that realises the promise of permanently reducing  a red face has been a long one. We first heard about a product to become known as Sansrosa in Jan 2005 (also via a patent application in 2004). Since then we have discovered […]

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Cutis posts Oracea Phase 4 (ORCA) papers for free online

Late last year Galderma generated quite a lot of publicity in the lead up to the release of the Phase 4 trials of Oracea. Phase IV trials typically try to replicate the efficacy and safety of drugs seen in Phase III trials, but on a much larger scale. Phase IV trials are conducted after a […]

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Aczone is as good as Oracea, Finacea or Metrogel, apparently

Trolling patent applications is pretty turgid work. Mostly patents seem to be intellectuals marking out their claims in the hope that future products might result from their discoveries. This patent application starts badly with firstly spelling Rosacea incorrectly as Rosascea. Pretty embarrassing Allergan ! To save you from seeing this misspelling again I’ll spell it […]

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