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Lupin Pharmaceuticals also files ANDA for Generic Oracea

The battle to make generic Oracea available to the public is heating up. Recently filed documents in Delaware show that Lupin Pharmaceuticals, which are based in India have filed for an abbreviated new drug application to manufacture and distribute a generic form of Oracea. Lupin Pharmaceuticals, based in Mumbai India,  is a company specialising in […]

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Laser still the best for Spider Veins on the Face (WSJ)

An article today in the Wall Street Journal’s Health Aches & Claims section discusses treatments that are available to remove spider veins that can develop on the face. The author quotes Dr. David Goldberg who is well know to rosacea sufferers as a director of Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists of New York and New […]

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Rosaclear System from Obagi, User Reviews

The idea of using an American Academy of Dermatology Poster session paper to introduce research around a new product is nothing new. Getting a poster session approved is easier than a full journal paper, so this path is certainly an attractive way to publicize your research.The AAD Poster Sessions are therefore one way in which […]

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This study as described in a AAD Poster Session, compared 3 different doses of isotretinoin/accutane with a somewhat standard low dose  regime of doxycyline. The study was able to show that 0.3mg/kg/day of accutane was as effective as 100mg of Doxycycline for 14 days; followed by 50mg a day thereafter. A dose of accutane of […]

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Finacea Foam vs. Finacea Gel

This time last year we learned that Finacea Foam was being trialled for rosacea. That 2009 initiated trial was to compare Finacea Foam against the placebo foam vehicle. Now a new trial has been listed to compare Finacea Gel with Finacea Foam. As I noted a year ago, these kind of `swings and roundabouts’ trials […]

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